Gold Metal Detectors

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Many people fantasize about striking it rich during their own personal gold rush, but becoming a gold prospector requires specific equipment. Locating gold coins and jewelry is easy with any metal detector, but finding gold nuggets requires a specialized tool.

Best 5 gold metal detectors

However, due to the abundance of choices and the vast range of pricing, internet shopping for the best metal detectors for gold can rapidly become overwhelming. Finding the best metal detector for gold can be a daunting task, but this article will help you know what to look for and what to keep in mind as you browse.

Gold Prospecting: How to Pick the Right Metal Detector

Even while it’s simple to believe that all metal detectors are equally effective, there are actually quite a few variables that determine how well they do their job. There are a variety of factors that determine which option is best for a certain user, including operation frequency, ground balance, search modes, & item discrimination. Read on to find out about these factors to think about when picking out a metal detector specifically designed for finding gold.

Comparison of VLF and PI

Very low frequency (VLF) & pulse indication metal detectors are the two most common varieties (PI). There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Minimal training is required to use a VLF metal detector. They have twin coils. Both devices operate by producing a magnetic field and then sensing any tremors that occur within it. Streamlined designs are often smaller and lighter than their bulkier counterparts.

For both transmitting a magnetic field and picking up vibrations and disturbances, PI metal detectors often employ a single coil. This type of metal detector does a better job of ignoring the sand and natural minerals that are often present on beaches or another sandy terrain. They are typically utilized by professionals due to their higher cost compared to VLF alternatives.


For the purposes of metal detection, mineralization can be thought of as the extremely sluggish process by which organic compounds transform into minerals. This process, which takes place in the soil and lasts for eons, produces countless particles with metal-like properties, such as magnetic ones, in the soil. These particles trigger a metal detector’s magnetic field but aren’t the precious metals like gold that treasure hunters are after. They amount to meaningless “noise” at best.In fact, gold tends to be located in places with a high concentration of this trace, undesirable minerals.

Equal Footing On The Ground

A problem arises in regions of high mineralization where even trace amounts of metal can be picked up by a sensitive metal detector. Thankfully, the ground balancing function found on the majority of high-quality metal detectors may be set to disregard these unwelcome elements.

Automatic ground balancing is a common feature in entry-level metal detectors, eliminating the need for the operator to adjust any of the finer details. However, depending on the terrain, the user of a more sophisticated model may need to tweak the ground balance settings. Manual ground balancing provides more accuracy, but automatic ground balancing helps make things easier to use.It is recommended to select a model that includes object discrimination to further refine the search.


The most basic metal detectors sound an alarm whenever they detect any metal, while more sophisticated models provide item discrimination, allowing the user to specifically target a desired metal. Due to the fact that most users don’t go looking for gold with other metals, this function is crucial. Even the most general metal detectors are designed to find something in particular, like coins or jewelry.

When the detector picks up on an object, it will usually make some sort of audible signal to let the user know. For many models, the use of sound at varying pitches to denote item categories is standard. The screen of some more sophisticated metal detectors can display an image of the detected object type.

The Mechanics of Frequency Operation

The gold detector’s operating frequency is an important factor to think about. Frequency, expressed in kilohertz (kHz) in the context of metal detectors, is the rate at which signals are transmitted to and received by the device. While lower-frequency metal detectors can unearth objects buried many feet deep, hunting for gold typically requires a higher frequency due to the rarity and tiny size of gold coins and jewelry. When looking for gold, a higher frequency of at least 15 kHz is required, as opposed to the 6–10 kHz range typically used by VLF metal detectors. This aids those searching for gold by allowing them to disregard other metals.PI detectors function in a different way, with the electrical current being delivered in short bursts and at significantly lower frequencies.

Conduits de Recherche

Results from metal detectors are generated by the coils within the devices. The effectiveness of a metal detector is greatly affected by the size and design of its coils. Smaller coils are more sensitive or can detect smaller targets, whereas larger coils may reach further into the earth.

Both concentric and broad scan coils can be found in metal detectors. Better discrimination is provided by concentric coils, making them a good choice for trashy environments. Whereas narrow scan coils excel at avoiding rubbish, wide scan coils excel in ground balancing in areas with heavy mineralization. If you intend to look in wet places or shallow water, you should get a type with waterproof coils.

These Are Our Favorite Things

The moment has come for you to go out and get a metal detector, now that you know more about them. Here are some of the greatest gold metal detectors we’ve found. These suggestions were chosen because they are of the highest build quality, provide the best performance, and are the easiest to operate.

Gold metal detector by Garrett, the AT

When it comes to gold metal detectors, Garrett’s offering is a solid intermediate option at a reasonable price. It provides a state-of-the-art target identification system that rates the conductivity of a target metal on a scale from zero to ninety-nine. This type is great for novice and seasoned hunters alike because to its manual and automatic ground balancing options. It makes a grunting noise whenever it detects an unwanted metal, and it has a specific feature to filter out iron objects like bottle caps or washers.

This metal detector can be immersed in water up to 10 feet deep without any damage. Additionally, it is resistant to dust and filth. Each order comes with a pair of Garrett MS-2 headphones, which feature a volume knob to amplify weak signals and ear cushions on the headband for long hours of wear without discomfort.

Detailed Description of the Item

  • Dimensions: 3.03 lb
  • Size of the coil: 8 inches in diameter
  • The frequency is 18 kilohertz.

Metal Detector for Adults with Pluck

Despite its straightforward appearance, this metal detector is equipped with sophisticated functions like target identification and discrimination. The 10-inch coil has an IP68 classification, which means it may be submerged in water without any risk. Objects up to 10 inches underground can be located thanks to the large coil’s detection range.

Having a total weight of less than 3 pounds and a height-adjustable handle, this model is great for people of varying statures. The maker makes no mention of the model’s operating frequency, despite the fact that it is marketed as a gold detector. There are headphones, a shovel, an additional battery, and a storage case included in the package.

Detailed Description of the Item

  • Weighing in at 2.75 ounces
  • 10 inch diameter for the coil.
  • Repeatedly: Not Often

A Gold Detecting Machine from Minelab Called the Gold Monster 1000

Minelab’s gold detector is a very low frequency (VLF) gadget, which may sound confusing at first but actually means that it runs at a frequency of 45kHz and is therefore very well suited to finding gold. Gold (which rejects all iron) & Deep All-Metal (which provides a more thorough assessment of the metals in the area) are the two primary detection modes. The Minelab Gold Monster 1000 has a Gold Chance Indicator for more precise discrimination, telling users whether the likelihood of finding gold in the area is high or low. This model has an automated ground balancing mechanism, which is fantastic for novices but may be undesirable for experts.The coil can withstand immersion in water of up to 3 feet, making it suitable for usage in streams and rivers.

Detailed Description of the Item

  • Dimensions: 2.94 ounces
  • 10 inch diameter for the coil.
  • To be precise, the frequency is 45 kHz

Gold Detector, Minelab GPX 6000

Minelab’s pulse induction device is unique in that it comes with not one but two coils: a smaller, pinpointing 11-inch mono loop coil and a bigger, general-purpose 14-inch coil that can handle high mineral content in the soil. All users can benefit from the device’s manual and automated ground balancing options. It has all the essential discrimination features and is tailored to the task of locating gold.

This model is quite heavy at 4.6 pounds, which may become tiresome to use over time. The coils can endure water depths of up to three feet, and it can operate in temperatures as high as one thousand degrees Fahrenheit. You should also know that this technology is quite costly and is best suited for seasoned and even professional gold miners.

Detailed Description of the Item

  • Total Item Weight: 4.6 oz
  • Typical diameters for coils are 11 and 14 inches.
  • Indicated Hertz: 1.225

Metal Detector, Fisher Gold Bug Pro

The Fisher Gold Bug Pro is a fantastic choice for anyone in search of a very sensitive instrument. While larger search coils are available for gold metal detectors, this model’s 5-inch coil is on the modest side. However, its diminutive size and high sensitivity mean that even the tiniest bits of gold in the ground won’t elude its notice. One drawback to employing such a large coil is that it cannot reach deeper depths in its search for targets.

Its frequency of 19kHz is perfect for gold prospecting. The type of metal identified is communicated to the user via a multitone audio ID system and an advanced target identification system. Bonus: it just weighs 2.5 pounds, so it’s easy to carry about.

Detailed Description of the Item

  • Quantity: 2.5 pounds
  • A five-inch-wide coil.
  • In other words, the frequency is 19kHz.

Metal Detector: Garrett ATX

The Garrett ATX, the company’s top-of-the-line metal detector, is an excellent choice for serious treasure hunters. The 20-inch-diameter search coil and pulse-indicator technology allow it to locate items buried over a foot in the ground. Despite its bulk, it is surprisingly sensitive, capable of picking up even 0.1-gram gold nuggets.

This type is the only one of its kind, and it can withstand depths of up to 10 feet of water while maintaining its own equilibrium, even in salt water. The metal detector comes with the brand’s standard headphones, although waterproof headphones are available for purchase separately.

Detailed Description of the Item

  • Mass: 6.9 ounces
  • Diameter of the coil: 20 inches
  • Repeatedly: Not Often

Metal Detector: Nokta Makro Gold Kruzer

If you’re looking for gold underwater, go no further than this reasonably priced metal detector from Nokta. As a result of its IP68 rating, the whole gadget may be immersed in water up to 16.4 feet deep without any damage. It has a larger, 10-inch concentric coil that is great for separating targets from background rubbish, and a smaller, 7-inch coil that is great for pinpointing tiny objects that are closer to the surface. For maximum adaptability, both manual and automatic ground balancing are provided. Wireless headphones are included with your purchase but are not water-resistant.

Detailed Description of the Item

  • 3 lb. in weight
  • A 7.4-inch and 10.23-inch diameter coil.
  • Radiated Power: 61kHz

A Guide to Choosing the Top Gold Detectors

This resource is the result of the author’s years of experience in the field of electronics reporting and comprehensive product research. Before settling on these suggestions, we researched and evaluated over thirty different models of metal detectors.

  • We did not consider models that weighed more than 7 pounds since we wanted to ensure that our customers were completely satisfied.
  • Our selection of gold metal detectors prioritizes models with excellent discriminating capabilities, as these detectors must be able to disregard less desired metals such as iron.
  • Metal detectors should be useable by people of varying heights, so we only considered models with fully adjustable handle lengths.
  1. Best Overall:Professional Gold and Silver Metal Detector with LCD Display,

Best Overall:Professional Gold and Silver Metal Detector with LCD Display,


Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries Required?Yes

The metal detector assembly is easy. Under-15s could accomplish it in under 10 minutes. The stem’s range of motion accommodates users from 43.3 to 60 inches tall, preventing stooping. We can explore beaches, rivers, and streams with just a backpack and two batteries. The 10″ Big Search Coil is water-resistant.


The device is simple to set up and is ideal for novice users. The 2022 model-year metal detectors have five separate search modes to help you accurately look for your preferred metals. To focus on and locate targets more quickly, it may precisely localize their positions.

Best Overall:Professional Gold and Silver Metal Detector with LCD Display,
  • ➧New hobby & Start Treasure Hunting: For most of us, the fantasy of finding buried treasure faded away along with other...
  • ➧Ultra Lightweight & Assemble quickly: This metal detector is very easy to put together. Youth 15 could make it within 10...
  • ➧Easy to set up & Great Beginner's Device: 2022 new version metal detectors has 5 distinct modes allows you to correctly search...
  • ➧Intuitive LCD Display & Sensitivity adjustable: All the settings are displayed on a wide LCD screen that has button controls...


  • Extremely reliable!
  • A well-made item
  • Great enjoyment was had by all.
  • This item is both effective and entertaining.
  • That’s One Awesome Metal Detector!


  • A low-priced metal detector
  • The usage of delicate components. Cheap….
  • Fails to perform as expected. Disappointed
  • Extremely low-priced and wholly unjustified!!!
  1. Best Design: SUNPOW Professional Waterproof-Adjustable Beach Metal Detector,

Best Design: SUNPOW Professional Waterproof-Adjustable Beach Metal Detector,


Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries Required?Yes

Iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver, and their respective objects are all detectable with the SUNPOW adult metal detector when set to the detector’s ALL METAL Mode. You can increase your detector’s detection efficiency by ignoring extraneous metal in DISC and NOTCH Modes, and then locate your target with pinpoint precision using P/P Mode.


A metal detector with IP68 waterproofing can work well in shallow water (saltwater). Ideal for the beach, the stream, and other activities outside. With this treasure finder, you can find treasures that most people can’t see. (Keep in mind that the control box is not waterproof.)

Best Design: SUNPOW Professional Waterproof-Adjustable Beach Metal Detector,
  • 【6 Types of Metal Samples & 4 Strong Detection Modes】SUNPOW adult metal detector can detect metals including iron, aluminum,...
  • 【Humanized Design & Adjustable Stem】Equipped with 47.3" to 55.2" adjustable stem applicable to different height gold detector...
  • 【Ground Balance-Strong Anti-interference】The content of micro metals in different environments is different, which causes...
  • 【Advanced DSP Chip】Upgraded DSP chip improves metal detectors' search range and sensitivity. In All-Metal mode, it can locate...


  • Laughs for the greenhorns
  • Wonderfully accurate and cheap metal detector!
  • Simple to put up and operate
  • Cheap and Effective
  • Awesome Entry-Level Metal Detector


  • Extremely Disappointing Item!!!
  • Irregularities were never found.
  • Erroneous assembly
  • Try to locate a manufacturer that has interest in their goods.
  1. Value For Money: Higher Accuracy Adjustable Waterproof 10″ Metal Detector

Value For Money: Higher Accuracy Adjustable Waterproof 10


Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries Required?Yes

The search coil on this metal detector is 10 inches in diameter. You can save both time and energy by using a larger search coil, as it increases sensitivity. The detector may be used in the water, making it ideal for usage in the backyard, stream, or beach.


ADAPTABLE & HUMANELY DESIGNED – The stem length of this metal detector may be adjusted from 41 inches to 47 inches, making it usable by both adults and children of varying heights. The design of the armrests allows you to rest easier, which in turn reduces fatigue and tension. Here is a beautiful PalliPartners metal detector to get you started on your treasure search.

Value For Money: Higher Accuracy Adjustable Waterproof 10
  • HIGH ACCURACY & WATERPROOF SEARCH COIL: The diameter of this metal detector’s search coil is 10 inches. As you know, the bigger...
  • THREE STRONG MODES & TRUE DISCRIMINATION MODE - metal detector has three operation models: ① All Metal Mode - the metal detector...
  • INTUITIVE LCD DISPLAY & DEEPER DETECTION - it is obviously more accurate and convenient that you can see the detection mode,...
  • ADJUSTABLE & HUMANITY DESIGN – metal detector from 41.3 inch to 47.6 inch adjustable stem, suitable for both adults and kids....


  • Ideal detector for the novice.
  • Simple to put together, lightweight, and with clear, concise directions.
  • Affordable and effective metal detector
  • Awesome Entry-Level Metal Detector


  • Cheap and flimsy star decorations. A necessary component is absent.
  • Poor Quality, Irrelevant Product
  • Badly drilled holes; crooked bar
  • Fails to work
  1. Best Budget Pick: Kids Metal Detector with LCD Display: RM RICOMAX

Best Budget Pick: Kids Metal Detector with LCD Display: RM RICOMAX


Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries Required?No

Both an experienced industrial designer and a specialist in creating toys for children worked on its charming appearance. This kid-friendly metal detector is a great choice for families with young children. On top of that, our Kids Metal Detector is constructed from ABS plastic, which is completely risk-free for your young children. Your children will get along fine with the kid-friendly metal detector.


Our metal detector requires no complicated assembly; just connect the coil to the control box through the rod and you’re good to go. It’s great for kids and novices because it’s simple to set up and use, folds up for portability and storage, weighs next to nothing, and takes up very little space.

Best Budget Pick: Kids Metal Detector with LCD Display: RM RICOMAX
  • 🌲The Best Gift for Kids🌲
  • 🌲Safe & Lovely Design for Kids🌲 - Its lovely appearance is designed both by professional industrial designer and kids visual...
  • 🌲Waterproof Coil for All Places🌲 - The search coil is designed to be 7.4 inches, which makes metal detecting more sensitive....
  • 🌲High Accuracy & Clear Detection🌲 - The 20% larger coil allows your children to quickly cover the ground. Simply wave this...


  • Fantastic!
  • Incredibly satisfying for the cost
  • Works great
  • A Wonderful Gift


  • It’s functional, but it’s quite brittle
  • Pieces missing, no response
  • It’s a toy, and it’s manufactured pretty poorly.
  1. Good Features: Amazon Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weight

Good Features: Amazon Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weight


Power SourceBattery Powered
Batteries Required?No

The Homedex gold metal detector comes with three advanced settings: Pinpoint Mode, All metal, and Discrimination. The cutting-edge Pinpoint Mode memorises the type of metal previously detected and only looks for that metal going forward. Find what you need in a hurry and with pinpoint accuracy. Unlike other gold detectors, ours boasts a large, legible display. The added versatility of working in the dark is a major benefit of backlighting.


The ergonomic construction of this metal detector makes it a joy to use. This stem may be adjusted from a height of 43.2 inches to 53 inches, making it suitable for both adults and children. You will obtain 1 Metal Detector, 1 Headphone, and 1 Foldable Durable Shovel with a convenient carrying case.

Good Features: Amazon Basics Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell Hand Weight
  • 【2021 NEW DESIGN METAL DETECTOR】 : Homedex gold metal detector offers 3 upgraded modes including Pinpoint Mode, All metal,...
  • 【10inch WATERPROOF SEARCH COIL & DEEPER DETECTION】 - Homedex professional metal detector has a all-round 10” search coil...
  • 【DEPTH & SENSITIVITY ADJUSTABLE】 - Adjust the depth indication for objects 2", 4", 6", 8" with plus or minus. Easily fine tune...
  • 【HUMANITY DESIGN & ALL IN ONE】 – This metal detector with ergonomic design, comfortable and convenient to use. 43.2 inch to...


  • Basic metal detector
  • Fantastic item!
  • Affordable for newbies.


  • fail to work
  • We have no idea how to make use of it.
  • An excessive level of complexity

Best 5 gold metal detectors

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