Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools For Sears? Unveiling The Manufacturer

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Craftsman Power Tools have been a household name for generations, known for their quality and durability. But have you ever wondered, Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools For Sears?

According to recent statistics, Craftsman’s market share in the power tools industry has grown by 15% in the last five years. With manufacturing plants in the United States, China, Europe, Mexico, India, and South Korea, the brand continues to expand its global reach.

The History of Craftsman Tools and Sears

Ah, Craftsman Tools, the name that has echoed through garages and workshops for generations. But where did it all begin? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

The founding of Sears and the introduction of Craftsman tools dates back to 1893 when Richard W. Sears began selling watches by mail. Fast forward to 1927, and the Craftsman brand was born, quickly becoming a favorite among DIYers and hobbyists. Want to know more about using hand tools? Check out our guide on How to Use a Level Correctly – Hand Tools DIY.

In 2017, a significant shift occurred. The sale of Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker marked a new era for the brand. But fear not, the legacy of Craftsman as a favorite among DIYers and hobbyists remained intact. You can still find these beloved tools at Sears Craftsman Power Tools.

Manufacturers of Craftsman Tools

Now, let’s talk about the big question: Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools For Sears?

Manufacturing Location Specialties
United States Quality control, new product introductions
China Lower-cost lines with high-quality standards
Europe High-end lines and specialty items
Mexico, India, South Korea Global manufacturing for various tool types

Evolution of Craftsman Tools

United States of America

Craftsman has returned to its roots, focusing on quality control and new product introductions in the good ol’ USA. With plants in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and Tennessee, the brand is waving the red, white, and blue once again.


Not to be left out, China plays a role in producing lower-cost lines with quality standards that would make any craftsman proud. Affordable without sacrificing quality? Now that’s a deal!


Looking for something a bit more high-end? Europe’s got you covered. With specialty items and high-end lines, Craftsman’s European manufacturing is all about elegance and precision.

Mexico, India, South Korea

Craftsman’s global manufacturing strategy extends to Mexico, India, and South Korea. Talk about having friends in high places! Whether it’s higher-end specialty tools or everyday essentials, Craftsman’s got a global touch.

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Craftsman Manufacturing Diversity

What Makes Craftsman Power Tools Special?

Craftsman Power Tools is a name synonymous with quality and trust. But what exactly sets them apart in a market flooded with tools? Let’s break it down.

Feature Description
Durability Tools built for longevity, covered by Craftsman’s satisfaction guarantee
Variety Expansive selection catering to both hobbyists and professionals
Value Affordability combined with high quality
Innovation Relentless commitment to design improvements, shaping the future of tools

Durability: Longevity and Satisfaction Guarantee

Craftsman doesn’t just make tools; they craft legends. With a focus on durability and longevity, these tools are built to last. Whether you’re hammering away at a construction site or delicately chiseling a masterpiece, Craftsman’s satisfaction guarantee ensures that you have a tool you can trust. Want to know more about chisels? Check out our guide on Chisel Basics – Hand Tools DIY.

Variety: Expansive Selection for Hobbyists and Professionals

One size doesn’t fit all, especially in the world of tools. Craftsman understands this and offers an expansive selection that caters to both hobbyists and professionals. From power drills to hand saws, there’s a Craftsman tool for every job.

Value: Affordability and Quality

Who says quality has to break the bank? Craftsman’s combination of affordability and quality makes it a go-to brand for those looking for value without compromising on performance. For an in-depth look at Craftsman’s value proposition, explore this Investigation on Craftsman.

Innovation: Commitment to Design Improvements

Stagnation is a word not found in Craftsman’s dictionary. With a relentless commitment to design improvements, Craftsman continually innovates to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry. They’re not just keeping up with the times; they’re shaping the future of tools.

Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools For Sears? Unveiling The Manufacturer

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools For Sears?

Manufacturing Location Commitment to Quality
United States Quality control and new product introductions
China Maintaining quality standards for affordable tools
Europe Emphasis on elegance and precision in high-end tools
Mexico, India, South Korea Crafting quality tools for various needs

The Transition from Sears to Stanley Black & Decker

The journey from Sears to Stanley Black & Decker is like a thrilling novel filled with twists and turns. In 2017, Craftsman found a new home with Stanley Black & Decker, marking a new chapter in its rich history.

The Global Manufacturing Approach

Craftsman’s manufacturing isn’t confined to one corner of the globe. With a global manufacturing approach, Craftsman ensures that quality tools are accessible to everyone, everywhere. It’s not just about making tools; it’s about crafting excellence on a global scale.

The Commitment to Quality Across All Manufacturing Locations

Quality isn’t a buzzword for Craftsman; it’s a way of life. Regardless of where the tools are made, the commitment to quality remains unwavering. From the United States to South Korea, every Craftsman tool meets the brand’s exacting standards.

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The Impact of Craftsman Tools on the Industry

Craftsman Tools isn’t just a brand; it’s a phenomenon that has left an indelible mark on the industry. Let’s explore how this iconic name has shaped the world of tools.

The Influence on Tool Manufacturing Standards

Craftsman Tools has been a trailblazer, setting tool manufacturing standards that others strive to emulate. From precision engineering to robust quality control, Craftsman’s influence is seen in every wrench, screwdriver, and drill on the market. Want to know more about screwdrivers? Dive into The Basics of Multi-Bit Screwdriver – Hand Tools DIY.

The Role in Shaping Consumer Expectations

Craftsmen didn’t just create tools; they shaped consumer expectations. With a reputation for reliability and excellence, Craftsman has taught us to expect more from our tools. They’ve turned ordinary tools into extraordinary experiences.

The Contribution to the DIY and Professional Markets

From the weekend warrior to the seasoned professional, Craftsman’s contribution to both the DIY and professional markets is unparalleled. They’ve made quality tools accessible to all, fueling creativity and craftsmanship across the globe. For a broader perspective, check out Power Tool Manufacturers and Who Owns Them.

The Future of Craftsman Tools

But wait, the Craftsman story doesn’t end here. Let’s peek into the crystal ball and explore the future of Craftsman Tools.

Future of Craftsman Tools

The Ongoing Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Craftsman’s ongoing commitment to innovation and quality is like a never-ending love affair with excellence. They’re not resting on their laurels; they’re continually pushing the boundaries to create tools that are not just good but great.

The Expansion into New Markets and Product Lines

The world is Craftsman’s oyster, and they’re on a mission to conquer it. With expansion into new markets and product lines, Craftsman is spreading its wings, reaching new horizons, and bringing quality tools to every corner of the globe.

The Potential Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

Of course, every journey has its bumps and turns. But Craftsman is ready to face the potential challenges and opportunities ahead with the same grit and determination that has defined their legacy. Want to measure their success? Here’s a guide on How to Read a Tape Measure Correctly – Hand Tools DIY.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools For Sears?

Craftsman Power Tools are made by Stanley Black & Decker, with manufacturing facilities in various countries including the United States, China, and Mexico.

What Sets Craftsman Power Tools Apart from Other Brands?

Craftsman Power Tools are known for their:

  • Durability
  • Variety
  • Value
  • Innovation

Where Are Craftsman Power Tools Manufactured?

Craftsman Power Tools are manufactured in the United States, China, Europe, Mexico, India, and South Korea.

Are Craftsman Power Tools Still Sold at Sears?

Yes, Craftsman Power Tools are still sold at Sears, both online and in physical stores.

What Types of Tools Does Craftsman Offer?

Craftsman offers a wide range of tools including:

  • Power tools
  • Hand tools
  • Outdoor power equipment

How Can I Purchase Craftsman Power Tools?

Craftsman Power Tools can be purchased at Sears, online retailers, and various home improvement stores.


The journey of discovering Who Makes Craftsman Power Tools For Sears has been an enlightening one. From their humble beginnings to their global manufacturing strategy, Craftsman continues to be a leader in the industry. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a hobbyist woodworker, Craftsman has something to offer.

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