Where To Buy Houseplants? A Comprehensive Review

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Not only do they elevate the aesthetics of our living spaces, but they also cleanse the air, boost our moods, and occasionally give us a much-needed reality check when they droop. According to a survey by The National Gardening Association, over 30% of American households indulge in houseplant purchases annually. But, where to buy houseplants remains a question many grapple with.

The Benefits of Having Houseplants at Home

The joy of seeing a sprouting seed from your childhood science project? Well, indoor plants can evoke the same joy, only this time with style. Houseplants are not just aesthetically pleasing; they’re miniature air purifiers. In fact, according to a NASA study, some houseplants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in 24 hours.

Feeling down? Gazing at that lush green can do wonders for your mood. A study from the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that folks surrounded by nature, even indoor plants, reported higher levels of well-being.

Criteria Local Nursery Online Plant Shopping
Shopping Experience In-person, touch and feel expert advice Virtual browsing, convenience
Plant Quality Inspect plants in person Relies on customer reviews and photos
Selection Diversity Limited by physical space Wide variety and rare species available
Immediate Gratification Instant purchase and takeaway Shipping times vary
Trust and Authenticity Personal interaction, establishing trust Relies on reputation and reviews
Price Competitive Pricing May offer occasional discounts
Post-Purchase Evaluation Instant satisfaction Potential quality and health risks during transit
Flexibility Immediate selection and purchase Online browsing, comparisons

Your leafy friends are not just sitting pretty; they’re tirelessly working as air scrubbers. Take the Spider Plant or the Peace Lily, for instance. These natural champions pull in toxins and release fresh oxygen, making every breath you take fresher and healthier.

Houseplants As Air Purifiers

Moreover, tending to your plants can be the new yoga! The therapeutic effect of gardening, even on a miniature indoor scale, is well documented. A simple watering routine or a pruning session can turn into mindfulness exercises, grounding you in the present moment.

Choosing the Right Houseplants for Your Home

Stepping into the world of houseplants is thrilling, but hold on a minute! Not all heroes wear capes; some come with thorns and specific lighting conditions. From sunlight divas like the Fiddle Leaf Fig to those mysterious low-light lovers like the Snake Plant, every houseplant has its own character and care regimen.

Online vs Local Houseplant Shopping

Are you in the market for a natural air purifier? The Boston Fern might be your best pick. And, for those with curious cats or nibbling pups, it’s essential to opt for non-toxic plants to keep your furry friends safe.

Check out our detailed guide on Mastering Indoor Gardening: How To Use Clay Pebbles For Houseplants for a deeper dive into the world of indoor greens.

Where To Buy Houseplants: Local vs Online

Venturing into your local nursery can be like stepping into a green wonderland. The smell of fresh soil, the touch of leaves, and the expertise of the staff make the experience invaluable. There’s a trust established when you see a plant, touch it, and personally judge its health.

Considerations Tips and Recommendations
Plant Knowledge Research care routine and requirements thoroughly
Sizing and Dimensions Check plant size, potting details, and shipping methods
Customer Reviews Read both written reviews and customer-submitted photos
Return and Exchange Understand the store’s return policy for damaged plants
Reputable Stores Choose stores with high-quality plants and good reviews
Plant Compatibility Ensure the plant’s light, water, and temperature fit your space

On the other hand, the digital world offers unparalleled convenience. Imagine browsing hundreds of species while sipping coffee in your PJs, then having the plant of your dreams delivered to your doorstep. It’s houseplant shopping, upgraded! But like any online shopping, there’s a gamble on quality and post-shipping health.

For those sitting on the fence, this curated list of the best online plant stores might help you decide. Whether local or online, ensure you’re sourcing your plants from a reputable place.

Top Online Stores for Buying Houseplants

It’s the era of online shopping, and even your future plant buddies aren’t lagging behind. From the comfort of your home, you can scroll through endless green beauties, waiting to adorn your spaces. Here’s our spotlight on a few top-notch online sanctuaries that will satisfy your inner plant enthusiast.

Home Depot’s Garden Center

If Home Depot were a person, they’d be that friend who has “a little bit of everything”. Not only can you snag that hammer and nails, but you can also dive into their surprisingly extensive plant section.

For those who like to keep their feet in both the real and digital worlds, Home Depot seamlessly merges the best of both. Their indoor plant section boasts a diverse range of options, from those petite succulents to majestic palm trees. The prices? They don’t make your wallet wince.

And, hey, if you’re ever in doubt about a plant, you could always pop over to the store and have a little chat with it (or, you know, just examine it). Dive into their collection here.

Houseplant Shop’s Diverse Selection

Now, imagine a store that felt like a treasure hunt – that’s Houseplant Shop for you. This online gem is not just about those common greens; it’s a parade of the rare, the exotic. If you’re someone who likes to flaunt that exclusive Fiddle Leaf or brag about a hard-to-find fern, this is your playground.

Every plant lover craves that ‘unique’ plant that becomes the centerpiece of a room, a conversation starter. Houseplant Shop delivers just that. Their meticulously curated selection ensures that you don’t just buy a plant; you adopt a story. Intrigued? Dive deep into their verdant world here.

The Elegance of The Sill

Let’s talk elegance, let’s talk sophistication, let’s talk about The Sill. It’s not just an online plant store; it’s a lifestyle statement. Their site feels less like a shop and more like an art gallery, with each plant beautifully framed, waiting for your admiration.

The Sill doesn’t stop at selling you a plant. No, they walk the journey with you. With every purchase, they offer guidance, care tips, and a promise that you’re not just getting a plant; you’re entering a community. From workshops to expert advice, they ensure that your plant not only survives but thrives. Ready to elevate your plant game? Step into their chic universe here.

What to Know Before You Buy Online

We’ve all been there. Seduced by a perfectly photographed plant online, only to receive a wilted, tiny version that looks like it’s been on a 10-day juice cleanse. Let’s help you avoid such heartbreaks.

First and foremost, know thy plant. Each leafy friend has its own set of quirks, demands, and drama. So, dig into the plant’s care routine before you swipe that card. Because just like humans, not all plants are morning people. Or water people.

Size does matter when it comes to plants. Often, pictures can be deceiving. Always check the dimensions of the plant, its potting details, and the shipping methods.

But here’s the real tea: reviews. The good, the bad, and the leafy. Go through them. Heck, make it your bedtime story. And don’t just stop at written reviews; customer photos spill more truth than words ever could. Want a comprehensive guide on making the right choice online? Good Housekeeping has got you covered.

Unboxing and Initial Care

Ah, the exhilarating joy of unboxing a new plant! But wait! Before you rip apart that packaging, here’s what you need to know.

Handle with care! The journey might have been rough. Give your new green buddy a moment, let it breathe. Check for any signs of shock or damage from transport. If you see a leaf or two looking sad, don’t panic. It’s like a bad hair day for plants.

Initial watering is like the first cup of coffee in the morning; it’s essential. Plants aren’t into the ‘drown your sorrows’ concept. So, water wisely.

Houseplants Arriving At Your Doorstep

Keeping Your Houseplants Thriving

Bought the plant? Check. Unboxed it? Check. Now, the real test begins: keeping it alive and thriving.

Every plant is like a celebrity with its own list of demands. Some need the sunlight equivalent of a spotlight, while others prefer the soft glow of indirect light. Understand your plant’s lighting needs.

Watering. It’s not as simple as pouring it in. Some plants love a good soak, while others prefer sips. And always ensure you’re giving them filtered room-temperature water. No ice showers, please!

But it’s not just about quenching thirst. Your plant needs food, too. Regular feeding, and using the right fertilizers, can make a world of difference.

Regular check-ups are essential. Examine your plant for pests, diseases, or just general unhappiness. They won’t tell you, but they’ll show you when something’s amiss.

Lastly, potting. It’s not just about aesthetics. The right pot and the right soil mean everything. It’s like choosing between a studio apartment and a mansion for humans. Both have their merits, but the living experience differs.

Want to ensure you’re giving your plant the royal treatment? For top-tier plant care products, Forbes offers an impressive list right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best places to buy houseplants?

To find the best places, consult our comprehensive review on ‘Where To Buy Houseplants.’ It covers both online and local store options.

Are online stores trustworthy for buying plants?

Absolutely! Many online stores maintain high quality and offer customer reviews to guide your decision. Always check reviews before purchasing.

Which type of store is cheaper: local or online?

Prices can vary. Local stores might offer deals, but online stores often have a wider variety and occasional discounts.

What should I look for when buying plants online?

  • Check customer reviews and photos.
  • Understand the plant’s care routine.
  • Confirm shipping methods to ensure the plant arrives safely.

Do all houseplants purify the air?

Not all, but many do. Plants like the Snake plant and Spider plant are renowned for their air-purifying qualities.

How can I ensure the houseplant I buy fits my home environment?

Before purchasing, research the plant’s light, water, and temperature requirements to ensure compatibility with your home.

Can I return or exchange houseplants if they arrive damaged?

Most reputable online stores offer return or exchange policies for damaged plants. Always check the store’s policy before purchasing.


Having plants in our homes can be both therapeutic and decoratively pleasing. As we’ve explored, there’s a plethora of options on where to buy houseplants. Whether you lean towards local nurseries or digital storefronts, the green world is at your fingertips.

Thank you for reading!