Where To Buy Houseplants Online? Your Ultimate Guide

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Where To Buy Houseplants Online? It’s not just a question—it’s a journey into a green paradise right from the comfort of your couch. Recent statistics show a whopping 45% increase in online plant purchases compared to last year. After all, houseplants don’t just beautify spaces; they purify the air, boost mood, and turn a house into a home. 

The Rise of Online Plant Shopping

Have you ever considered how a ficus or snake plant made its way into the corner of your living room without you ever setting foot in a nursery? Well, welcome to the digital age where everything, including your houseplants, has an online store.

Recent studies show that by 2022, nearly 25% of all houseplant purchases in urban areas were made online. The same study pointed out that millennials and Gen-Z are leading this green charge. This isn’t just a whim of modern consumers; it’s a profound shift in how we shop.

Buying plants online isn’t merely a matter of convenience. It’s also about sustainability. By shipping plants directly from growers, we reduce the carbon footprint from unnecessary plant transport between intermediaries.

But why stop at environmental benefits? Online plant shopping means no more queues, less impulse buying of that cute cactus that pokes you every time you water it, and more access to rarer plant species that your local nursery might not stock.

Things to Consider Before Buying Houseplants Online

Before you run off and start adding all kinds of foliage to your digital cart, let’s cover some bases.

Digital Rainforest Terrarium With Avatar Vibes

Ever bought a plant that looked great in the store but turned brown the moment you took it home? The hardiness of your chosen plant and your local climate is key. It ensures you’re not setting yourself (and the plant) up for disappointment.

Trust is another aspect. Plant shopping online is no different from any other online shopping. Look up seller reviews and the website’s reputation. Sure, that rare orchid is pretty, but not if it arrives more wilted than your last salad.

Also, life happens. Sometimes you’ll get a plant that decides it’s on its last leg (or root). Always check return policies and guarantees. You should know if you can send it back without hassle if it’s not what you expected.

Benefits of Shopping at The Sill

Now that we’ve covered some ground rules, let’s dive into one of the top places Where To Buy Houseplants Online.

Cozy Indoor Jungle With Natural Sunlight

A haven for plant enthusiasts, The Sill isn’t just another online nursery. They offer a comprehensive experience. From unique offerings that include rare and hard-to-find plants, to regular workshops and plant care support.

The beauty of The Sill is their commitment to the green cause and to their community. Their plant care support is top-notch, ensuring even the most novice plant parent can raise a thriving green family.

Their diverse selection ranges from the common pothos to the rarer Calathea varieties. If it’s green, leafy, and can be potted, chances are The Sill has it!

Where To Buy Houseplants Online: Top Picks

It’s 2023, and let’s face it – we’re as digital as the age we live in. From groceries to furniture, we’ve been consistently answering the question, Where To Buy Houseplants Online? with an ever-increasing list of choices.

According to a recent survey, about 32% of plant enthusiasts prefer to shop for their green buddies online. And why wouldn’t they? The array of options, the convenience, and sometimes, the better prices.

Bloomscape: A Green Living Approach

Bloomscape isn’t just another name in the houseplant industry; they’re the trailblazers. Their commitment? Sustainability. When we talk about going green, it isn’t just about adding plants to your home, but about the entire ecosystem involved.

Eco-friendly packaging, water-saving practices, and even the way they source their plants showcase their dedication to a greener Earth. Their website offers a vast range of houseplants from the classic Snake Plant to the more elusive Rattlesnake Plant. What’s even cooler? Their care tips. You’re not just buying a plant; you’re adopting one, with a full manual on care!

Forbes’ Recommendations for Indoor Plants

When Forbes speaks, people listen. Known for its impeccable research and reliable insights, Forbes has its say in our green endeavor too.

They’ve done the legwork and have a curation of the top places to get your green friends from. Both these sites have their niche – one focuses on the ultimate plant experience, and the other prides itself on rare finds.

Online Plant Shop Key Features
Bloomscape Sustainability, Care Tips
Greenery Unlimited Ultimate Plant Experience, Rare Finds
Leon & George Specializes in Rare Plants, Unique Selection

Going through the Forbes list and picking out what aligns with your plant needs. After all, a little research never hurt anyone, especially when it’s done by the pros!

HouseplantShop: A Dedicated Houseplant Store

We’ve all heard of one-stop shops, but a one-stop plant shop? Welcome to HouseplantShop. Their motto seems simple – make the world greener, one home at a time.

With a user-friendly interface, they cater to everyone: from the novice gardener trying their luck with a Lucky Bamboo to the experienced horticulturist looking for a rare Philodendron variety. What sets them apart? Their categorization. Whether you’re looking for pet-friendly plants, low-light plants, or plants for your bathroom, they’ve got you covered.

Their vast range ensures that every plant enthusiast finds what they’re looking for.

Whether you’re new to the houseplant world or a seasoned plant parent, these online shops ensure you get quality, variety, and all the support you need. Plants are not just decor; they’re companions.

Expert Tips for Caring for Your Purchased Houseplants

So, you’ve entered the vast online realm, questioned Where To Buy Houseplants Online, and made your purchase. Now what? Time for some expert care!

Every plant has a personality, a list of likes and dislikes, and it’s up to you to figure it out. But don’t fret; it’s easier than deciphering a cat’s mood swings.

  • Understanding Light, Water, and Soil Needs: Sunlight is like Netflix for plants; some like to binge, while others prefer a quick episode now and then. Make sure you place your plants in their favorite light spot. Water, on the other hand, can be tricky. Too much and you drown them, too little and you’re the cruel warden of Plant Alcatraz. Ensure you know your plant’s hydration needs. And soil? Think of it as the bed your plant sleeps in. Make sure it’s comfy, well-aerated, and well-draining.
  • Repotting and Introduction: Moving houses is stressful, even for plants. When introducing them to a new environment or repotting, be gentle. Loosen the roots, provide fresh soil, and let them adapt.

Good Housekeeping’s Plant Shopping Tips

When it comes to home care, Good Housekeeping is like the wise grandma we all turn to. They’ve been dishing out advice since before the internet was a thing. Their take on online plant shopping? Gold.

Some takeaways:

  • Always read reviews. In the plant world, they’re like juicy gossip.
  • Opt for stores that offer care guidance. It’s like getting a plant with a manual.

Garden Goods Direct: Beyond Just Houseplant

Garden Goods Direct is like the Amazon of the plant world. From houseplants to tropicals, they’ve got it all.

Their advice? Understand your space. If you’re living in a basement apartment, perhaps the sun-loving Ficus isn’t your best bet. Maybe opt for a shade-loving ZZ plant instead. And always, always, consider the plant’s final size. You don’t want to end up with an indoor tree when you were expecting a cute little shrub.

Linking Your Houseplant Shopping to Existing Knowledge

While buying plants is an adventure, caring for them is a journey of continuous learning. Every leaf drop, every new sprout is a lesson.

For a deeper dive into plant parenting:

Virtual Reality Garden Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online-bought plants of good quality?

Absolutely! Many online plant shops ensure high-quality plants but always check customer reviews and return policies.

How do I ensure the plant’s health during shipping?

Reputed online plant sellers use specialized packaging. Opt for expedited shipping during extreme weather for extra safety.

Can I return plants bought online?

Return policies vary. Always read the store’s return and refund policies before making a purchase.

What if my plant gets damaged during delivery?

Most sellers offer a guarantee or policy for damaged goods. Contact customer service with photos of the damage upon arrival.

Can I find rare plants online?

Yes, online shopping often provides a broader selection, including rare finds. Keep an eye out for restock announcements for high-demand plants.


Embarking on the quest of Where To Buy Houseplants Online can be as exciting as hunting for a new apartment. With the insights from our guide, you’re now equipped to make informed choices and transform your living space.

Thank you for reading!