What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies? A Comprehensive Review

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What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies? It’s a question that resonates with millions of Americans every year. According to the American Moving and Storage Association, over 15.3 million households move interstate annually. With such a vast number of people relocating, the importance of finding a reliable moving company cannot be overstated. This comprehensive review dives deep into the top contenders in the industry, providing insights and guidance to ensure your next move is smooth and hassle-free.

Understanding Interstate Moving

Ah, the age-old question: What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies? Before we dive into that, let’s first understand the concept of interstate moving.

Interstate moving, in its simplest form, refers to relocating from one state to another. It’s not just about packing boxes and hiring a truck; it’s a significant life event. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 14% of Americans move annually, with a significant portion of these being interstate relocations.

But how does this differ from a local move? Well, local moves typically cover shorter distances, often within the same city or town. Interstate moves, on the other hand, involve crossing state lines and can span thousands of miles.

Now, here’s the kicker: interstate moves are heavily regulated. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) oversees these moves, ensuring that moving companies adhere to specific licenses and regulations. This oversight is crucial for protecting consumers from potential fraud or damage during their move.

Movers loading a truck with boxes

Top 5 Interstate Moving Companies Reviewed

With so many companies vying for your attention, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But fear not! We’ve sifted through the noise to bring you the crème de la crème of interstate moving companies.

Company Name Special Features Customer Reviews Years in Business
MoveItAll Inc. Impeccable customer service Glowing 15+
SwiftShift Relocations Budget-friendly, eco-friendly options Budget-conscious 10+
TransState Movers Wide range of services, experience Highly reputable 20+
GreenBox Moving Solutions Focus on sustainable practices Rapidly growing 5+
InterRelocate Inc. Extensive network and partnerships Reliable network 10+

For a more in-depth look into these companies, check out this Forbes Review on Best Interstate Moving Companies. It’s a goldmine of information!

Movers carefully packing items

Benefits of Hiring Professional Movers

Benefit Description
Stress Reduction Professionals handle packing, loading, and driving.
Expert Packing Specialized packing for delicate items.
Safety & Insurance Coverage against accidents and damage.
Time Savings Experts handle the labor, saving you time.

Let’s face it; moving can be a real pain in the neck. But here’s the good news: hiring professional movers can make the process a breeze.

  • Stress-Be-Gone: One of the significant benefits? The sheer reduction in stress. Imagine not having to worry about packing, loading, or driving a massive truck across the states!
  • Pack Like a Pro: These companies have mastered the art of packing. From grandma’s china to your prized vinyl collection, they’ve got you covered.
  • Safety First: Accidents happen. But with professional movers, you’re often covered with insurance and damage protection. It’s peace of mind, in a nutshell.
  • Time is Money: Think of the hours you’d save by hiring experts. The time you could spend exploring your new neighborhood or simply catching up on some much-needed rest.

Still on the fence? Here’s a compelling read on why you should Hire a Professional Moving Service.

What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies?

When you ask, What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies? you’re not just seeking names. You’re looking for trust, reliability, and a smooth transition to your new home. So, how do you sift through the noise and find the real gems?

Firstly, consider the pricing. While everyone loves a good deal, suspiciously low prices might be a red flag. Next, delve into the services offered. Do they provide packing, storage, or even pet relocation? Tailor-made services often indicate a company’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Don’t forget to scour customer reviews. These real-life experiences can offer invaluable insights. A company’s history can also be telling. Long-standing companies often have a track record of reliability and expertise.

Now, here’s the clincher: licensing and insurance. Interstate moving companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Ensure your chosen company adheres to these standards. After all, you’re entrusting them with your precious belongings. For a deeper dive into top companies, check out this Architectural Digest Review on Best Interstate Moving Companies.

Map of the United States with moving routes

Preparing for an Interstate Move

Ah, the art of moving! It’s not just about boxing up your life; it’s about strategic planning. Start with a moving checklist and timeline. This roadmap will ensure you don’t miss any crucial steps.

Next, channel your inner Marie Kondo and start sorting and decluttering. Not only does this reduce moving costs, but it also gives you a fresh start in your new home. Remember, every item you pack is an item you’ll need to unpack. Make it count!

Understanding moving estimates and contracts is crucial. These documents can be a maze of jargon, but they hold the key to a stress-free move. Ensure you’re clear on pricing, delivery dates, and any additional charges.

Need more guidance? Dive into these 10 Best Packing and Moving Tips. They’re game-changers!

Avoiding Moving Scams

In a perfect world, every moving company would have your best interests at heart. Sadly, scams are rife in the industry. So, how do you steer clear?

Be on the lookout for red flags. These could include large upfront deposits, lack of a physical address, or extremely low estimates. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

The power of customer reviews cannot be overstated. They offer a window into other people’s experiences. But don’t stop there. Check references. Reputable companies will be more than happy to provide them.

For a comprehensive guide on avoiding pitfalls, check out Moving.com’s Guide on Best Interstate Moving Companies.

The Cost of Interstate Moving

So, you’ve decided to make the big move, and now you’re wondering, What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies? But before we dive into that, let’s talk dollars and cents.

The cost of moving from one state to another isn’t just about hiring a truck and some burly movers. Several factors come into play.

  • Distance: Naturally, moving from New York to New Jersey will be cheaper than relocating to California. The further you go, the deeper you’ll have to dig into your pockets.
  • Weight of Belongings: That collection of vintage vinyl records or your beloved library? They’ll add to the weight, and consequently, the cost.
  • Additional Services: Need packing, storage, or even pet relocation services? These extras will bump up the price.
  • Time of Year: Believe it or not, moving during peak seasons (like summer) can be pricier.

But here’s the silver lining: there are ways to save some greenbacks during an interstate move. Opting for partial packing services, decluttering before the move, or even choosing a mid-week moving date can make a difference. For a deeper dive into costs and savings, check out this MarketWatch Guide on Best Interstate Movers.

Packing Tips for Interstate Moving

Packing: it’s both an art and a science. And when you’re moving states, it’s crucial to get it right.

  • Quality Over Quantity: Invest in quality packing materials. Your grandma’s china deserves more than an old newspaper wrap.
  • Label, Label, Label: Marking your boxes with their contents and destination room will save you a ton of time and confusion later. “Kitchen” or “Master Bedroom” can be lifesavers when you’re surrounded by a sea of boxes.
  • Handle with Care: Fragile items need special attention. Consider double-boxing them or using bubble wrap. And for those priceless items? Keep them with you during the move.

For more packing wisdom, here’s a guide on How to Deep Clean Your Kitchen Before Moving. Trust us, it’s a game-changer!

Settling into Your New Home

The boxes are unpacked, and the movers have left. Now what?

  • Unpacking and Organizing: Start with essentials like your toiletries and a few clothes. Then, tackle one room at a time. It’s less overwhelming that way.
  • Update Your Address: Don’t forget to inform the post office, utility providers, and other essential services about your new address.
  • Explore and Engage: Get to know your new neighborhood. Join a local club, visit the nearby park, or simply take a walk. It’s the best way to feel at home.

For more insights on settling in, This Old House Review on Best Interstate Moving Companies is a must-read!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies?

The best interstate moving companies are those that offer a combination of reliability, affordability, and excellent customer service. This review provides a comprehensive list of top contenders.

How do I choose the right moving company for my needs?

Consider factors like:

  • Pricing and transparency
  • Customer reviews and reputation
  • Services offered (packing, storage, etc.)
  • Licensing and insurance

Are there any red flags to watch out for?

Yes, be wary of:

  • Extremely low quotes
  • Lack of proper licensing
  • Companies that demand large deposits upfront

How can I ensure my belongings are safe during the move?

Opt for companies that:

  • Offer insurance and damage protection
  • Use professional packing techniques
  • Have positive customer feedback on handling items

What factors influence the cost of interstate moving?

The cost is determined by:

  • Distance of the move
  • Weight of belongings
  • Additional services required
  • Time of year

Can I save money on my interstate move?

Absolutely! Tips include:

  • Moving during off-peak seasons
  • Decluttering before the move
  • Comparing multiple quotes

How do I prepare for an interstate move?

Start by:

  • Creating a moving checklist
  • Sorting and decluttering belongings
  • Understanding moving contracts and estimates


In the vast world of moving, finding the answer to “What Are The Best Interstate Moving Companies?” can be daunting. However, with the right information and guidance, you can make a decision that ensures a smooth transition to your new home.

Thank you for reading!