How To Name Your Interior Design Business: A Creative Guide

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When diving into the world of interior design, there’s more to consider than just choosing the right shade of blue. One essential aspect? Naming your venture. How To Name Your Interior Design Business is a critical decision that can set the tone for your brand’s identity. A recent survey found that 85% of businesses attributed their success, in part, to a well-chosen name. Let’s embark on a journey to unlock that perfect name for your design enterprise. 

The Importance of Naming Your Interior Design Business Right

Did you know that 77% of consumers make purchases based on a brand’s name? Let that sink in!

Now, imagine diving into the bustling world of interior design, armed with a unique name that stands out. Ah, the sweet ring of success!

The name of your business isn’t just a word; it’s a power move. Here’s why:

  • It reflects your brand identity and values. Think of it as the cherry on top of your branding sundae.
  • It serves as the first impression to potential clients. And we all know, first impressions last! Remember that time you judged a book by its cover? Yeah, clients do that too.
  • It’s a significant factor in word-of-mouth marketing. Get it right, and people won’t stop talking about you.

Ever wondered why names like “Starry Night Interiors” or “Cerulean Designs” are so catchy? It’s because they understood the importance of a good name. Dive deeper into the world of names with this insightful read.

Types of Business Names in Interior Design

Type of Name Characteristics Benefits
Descriptive Names Clearly state the nature of the business (e.g., “Modern Living Designs”). Instantly communicates the focus of the business.
Abstract Names Evoke a sense of mystery and creativity (e.g., “Aqua Aura”). Allow for interpretation and unique associations.
Personal Names Incorporate the owner’s name (e.g., “Jessica’s Lavish Spaces”). Create a personal connection and legacy.
Acronyms or Initials Short and easy-to-remember abbreviations (e.g., “D.I.Q Designs”). Simplify branding and recall.

Key Principles When Naming Your Business

Alright, Picasso of the design world, remember these golden rules:

  • Keep it simple and easy to remember. ‘Lavish Living’ trumps ‘Luxuriously Lavish Living Spaces of Utmost Quality and Design.’ Breathe. Keep it short.
  • Your name should reflect your brand personality. If you’re fun and quirky, ‘Whimsical Walls’ works better than ‘Standard Structures.’
  • Avoid names that limit future expansion. ‘Bobby’s Bathroom Bonanzas’ may not work when you branch into living rooms.
  • And always, always, test your name for understanding and pronunciation. You don’t want a tongue-twister!

The right name can catapult your business to stardom, while a poorly chosen one can make you the background noise in a loud marketplace.

Harnessing Creativity to Name Your Business

Let’s get those creative juices flowing! But where do you start when your canvas is blank and the paintbrush of “How To Name Your Interior Design Business” feels heavy? Here are some artist-approved techniques:

Brainstorming Sessions

Gather a diverse group: artists, accountants, your grandmother—everyone’s perspective is a treasure. Remember, a room full of different minds equals a sea of ideas.


Visualize related concepts and words. Start with “Interior Design” and branch out to related terms like ‘luxury’, ‘minimalism’, or ‘eclectic’. It’s like playing design-associative Tetris!

Exploring Foreign Words

Incorporate a touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’ or ‘hygge’. Using foreign terms can give your brand a unique flavor.

Merging Words

Combine two relevant terms. ‘DesignDynamo’ or ‘StyleSpectrum’. It’s fun, catchy, and memorable. Like chocolate and strawberries, some things just belong together.

Using Digital Tools in the Naming Process

Luxurious Living Room Retreat

The world is but a click away, and so are fantastic tools that can simplify the naming maze:

Online Name Generators

Plug in a few terms and let the internet do its magic. Sites like Shopify’s Business Name Generator can be a treasure trove of inspiration.

Checking Domain Availability

You’ve got the perfect name, but is it available online? A unique domain not only boosts your digital presence but ensures your name is truly yours.

Social Media Username Checks

In today’s Instagram age, ensure your chosen name isn’t taken on major platforms. A consistent name across platforms is branding gold.

Legal Considerations in Naming

Beyond creativity, there’s a less flashy but equally crucial aspect: legality.

Checking for Existing Trademarks

Before you print those business cards, ensure another firm isn’t already rocking your chosen name.

Registering Your Trademark

Protecting your name from potential copycats is vital. Trademarks are like insurance for your brand identity.

Considering Legal Structures

Will you be a Sole Proprietor, or does an LLC suit you better? This choice affects your business name and its appended abbreviations.

Refinement and Finalization

Tranquil Bedroom Oasis

Naming isn’t just about a burst of inspiration. It’s an artful blend of creativity and refinement. So, you’ve brainstormed a stellar name for your interior design venture, but is it ready for the spotlight? Let’s fine-tune it.

Seeking Feedback and Validation

Before you etch your business name in stone, consider it in clay first. Malleable and ready for impressions.


Throw your name into the wild, virtually. Use surveys to collect opinions from potential clients. They’re your audience, after all. If “EleganceEcho” sounds more like a sound system than a design firm to them, you’d want to know.

Friends and Family

This circle of trust often provides the most genuine feedback. Yes, even Aunt Marge, who still has that lurid green wallpaper from the ’70s.

Professional Peers

Your competition isn’t always the enemy. Sometimes, they’re the compass. Seek industry-specific insights. A name that resonates within industry circles can be gold.

Incorporating Feedback for a Resonating Name

Feedback is not for the faint-hearted. It might call for tweaks or even a total rethink.

Modifying Based on Feedback

If your chosen name confuses more than it captivates, it’s time for a revision. Remember, a name should be an inviting door, not a puzzling maze.

Rebranding Considerations

If “ChicShack” worked when you were doing cozy cabins but now you’re into minimalist lofts, consider a name that better suits you. Brands evolve, and names can too.

The Emotional Connection

Dynamic Commercial Office Space

The best names evoke feelings. Strive for an emotional connection and recall. You want clients to feel “at home” even before they see your designs.

Launching Your Business with the New Name

You’ve sculpted the perfect name; now, set it on a pedestal.

Integrating into Branding Materials

Get that name shining on business cards, logos, and promotional materials. Each mention is a seed for brand growth.

Digital Presence Update

Revamp your website and social media handles. A cohesive digital presence with your new name ensures you’re easily searchable.

Announcing to Existing Clients

Keep your loyal client base in the loop. Whether it’s a name tweak or a total change, let them journey with you.

For those taking the big leap into the interior design world, our guide on Floor Plans – Learn How To Design And Plan Floor Plans. And if you need more inspiration on naming, Foyr’s insights are a goldmine.

A name isn’t just a tag. It’s a promise, a story, an expectation. Take your time, refine, and then shine with it. The world of design awaits your brand’s unique signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the importance of how to name your interior design business?

Naming your business correctly establishes your brand’s identity and can make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Should I use my own name for the business?

Using your own name can add a personal touch. However, ensure it aligns with the image you want to project and remains memorable to clients.

How can digital tools help in the naming process?

Digital tools, like online name generators, assist in:

  • Finding unique name suggestions.
  • Checking domain availability.
  • Verifying social media username availability.

Are there any legal considerations when naming my business?

Absolutely! Ensure:

  • The name isn’t trademarked by another entity.
  • Consider registering your own trademark.
  • Account for legal structures, such as LLC or Sole Proprietor.

How do I ensure my business name resonates with clients?

  • Seek feedback from peers, friends, and potential clients.
  • Ensure it aligns with your brand’s values and mission.
  • Test it for recall and emotional connection.

Can I change my business name later if it doesn’t work out?

Yes, rebranding is an option. However, it requires effort, time, and resources. It’s essential to get it right the first time.

What are some creative methods for brainstorming business names?

Some methods include:

  • Mind-mapping related concepts.
  • Merging relevant words.
  • Exploring unique foreign words or phrases.


The journey of How To Name Your Interior Design Business doesn’t end with just a moniker. It’s the starting point of your brand’s story, influence, and identity in a competitive market. Ensure your chosen name stands as a beacon, drawing clients toward your distinct design flair.

Thank you for reading!