Career Paths: What Can You Do With A Interior Design Degree?

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Ever wondered, “What Can You Do With A Interior Design Degree?” With the global interior design market growing at a steady 4.5% in the last year, this isn’t just a creative pursuit—it’s a thriving career path! Dive into a world where aesthetics meet functionality. Whether you’re a budding designer or a house-renting aficionado curious about this vibrant field, join us as we unravel the spectrum of opportunities an interior design degree offers. 

The Value of an Interior Design Degree

If you’ve ever gazed upon a lush penthouse suite or a rustic coffee shop and thought, “Wow!”, thank an interior designer.

The Rise of Interior Design

Over the past decade, the popularity and demand for skilled interior designers have skyrocketed. Once considered a luxury reserved for the affluent, today, hiring an interior designer is as commonplace as ordering a latte (though arguably more impactful on your living space!).

The glamorized version of interior design we see on TV has painted a picture of a world full of colors, fabrics, and transformative makeovers. This media portrayal, coupled with advancements in technology, has truly boosted its significance. Ever heard of virtual design consultations? They’re revolutionizing the industry. For a deep dive into these modern marvels, you might want to hop over to this insightful article.

Key Skills Acquired Through an Interior Design Degree

It’s not all swatches and mood boards. Interior design is a combination of aesthetics and creativity, sure. But it also demands a robust skill set.

The very essence of a room can change with clever space planning and functionality. Have an awkward alcove? A skilled designer knows just how to maximize it. They can transform a crowded studio into a spacious haven or give that broad living room a cozy feel.

But what about the clients? Ever tried to decipher the abstract wish of “I want it to feel airy yet grounded”? Navigating these murky waters requires client management and communication skills par excellence. It’s about understanding the unsaid, reading between the lines, and then pulling out a design that captures a client’s dream.

And let’s not forget project management. It’s a game of coordinating between suppliers, contractors, and the client, all while ensuring the project stays on track and within budget. Who knew that choosing the right shade of blue could be so complicated?

For those pondering over “What Can You Do With A Interior Design Degree”, the answer is a lot more than just choosing curtains. The industry is vibrant, dynamic, and chock-full of opportunities. Dive deeper into these skills and explore potential career paths with this comprehensive guide.

Diverse Career Paths for Interior Design Graduates

When you hear “interior design”, what springs to mind? Most might envision vibrant living rooms or sleek offices. But what can you do with an interior design degree isn’t limited to just chic apartments and stylish workplaces.

Traditional Roles in Interior Design

Imagine yourself guiding a couple through the transformation of their dream home. As a residential interior designer, you’d get to craft serene bedrooms, lively kitchen nooks, and that ever-elusive “perfect” living room ambiance.

Swap out the cozy homes for bustling businesses and you’ve stepped into the shoes of a commercial interior designer. Here, you’re maneuvering through the design nuances of offices, hotels, cafes, and more. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about optimizing functionality, enhancing brand identity, and even boosting employee morale! For more details refer to this article on where is graphic design used in architecture and interior design.

Ever walked into a room and felt “just right”? That, my friend, is the magic of a lighting designer. They play with shadows, direct focus, and create an atmosphere. They can make a room feel like a sunlit retreat or a moody cinematic experience.

Thinking of diving into these roles? This article on Indeed sheds light on the myriad of paths an interior design degree can lead you.

Emerging Fields and Specializations

Intricate Sustainable Design

Interior design isn’t static; it’s ever-evolving. And today, the career avenues stretch far beyond traditional roles.

Environmental or sustainable design consultants are the heroes we need but didn’t know we wanted. They ensure our interiors don’t just look fabulous but also tread lightly on our planet. Think recycled materials, energy-efficient fixtures, and spaces that breathe!

On the other hand, a universal design expert has a mission: create spaces that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can enjoy. They craft designs where accessibility meets aesthetics. No more choosing between form and function.

Lastly, we have healthcare design specialists. They’re the unsung geniuses behind spaces that heal – think serene hospitals, rejuvenating clinics, and therapeutic spaces.

For those ready to innovate, there’s a world of emerging opportunities mapped out in this Zippia guide. Dive in and discover a career path that resonates with you.

What Can You Do With An Interior Design Degree: Beyond Traditional Roles

Virtual Reality Interior Design Consultation

So, you’ve got that shiny new interior design degree, but you’re itching to carve a niche that’s, well, a tad unconventional? Let’s move away from swanky office spaces and chic homes. There’s a wider world waiting to be painted with your creative genius.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Let’s get one thing straight: interior designers are naturally creative, innovative, and – dare I say – a touch entrepreneurial. So why not capitalize on that flair?

Consider opening a design boutique. Handpick those Bohemian rugs, quirky wall hangings, and vintage coffee tables that scream style. Transform clients’ spaces one decor piece at a time.

But, let’s be real, the future’s digital. Launching an online interior design consultancy might be your gig. Use virtual reality, 3D design software, and video calls to reshape spaces worldwide, all from the comfort of your chic home office.

And if you’re more about the personal touch, why not curate your line of home decor? Be it throw pillows that could spark a conversation or candle holders that double as modern art. Own it, brand it, sell it.

Looking for more inspiration? This guide on Academic investing is like a treasure trove for interior designers with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Opportunities in Education and Media

Interior Designer's Media Showcase

“Those who can’t do, teach.” But frankly, that’s a load of hogwash! Those who can do interior design really, REALLY well, can also teach, write, and maybe even star in their own YouTube series.

Opportunities in Education and Media Description
Interior Design Educator Shape the industry’s future by mentoring and educating aspiring interior designers.
Media Presence Venture into television, YouTube, or writing for magazines and blogs to share your design expertise with the world.

Got charisma? A dab hand with a video camera? Dive into media. Working on television or online platforms like YouTube or popular home improvement channels can put your work (and face) into thousands of living rooms globally. And who knows, maybe snag an HGTV contract while you’re at it!

For the wordsmiths out there, writing for magazines, and blogs, or creating your personal blog might be your calling. Give voice to your designs, chronicle your experiences, and maybe, just maybe, become the next design influencer!

Here’s a comprehensive guide by Prospects to wet your beak in the vast opportunities that await an interior design graduate in education and media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the traditional roles with an Interior Design Degree?

Traditionally, individuals with an interior design degree delve into roles like residential or commercial interior designing or even specialize as lighting designers.

Can you branch into entrepreneurship with this degree?

Absolutely! Many graduates venture into opening design boutiques, launching online consultancies, or curating personalized decor lines.

Are there opportunities in media for interior designers?

Yes, there are. Graduates can explore avenues in television, and YouTube channels, or even write for magazines and blogs, harnessing the power of media.

Is sustainable design a viable specialization?

Indeed. With a rising focus on the environment, many designers are specializing in sustainable or environmentally-friendly designs.

What about teaching opportunities?

Those with profound knowledge and experience can certainly consider becoming educators in interior design, molding the next generation of designers.

How does technology intersect with interior design?

In today’s digital age, designers often use advanced tools like virtual reality and 3D design software, to transform client spaces virtually.


Exploring the myriad avenues of “What Can You Do With A Interior Design Degree” has truly been an eye-opener. From traditional roles to modern entrepreneurial endeavors, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re contemplating this as a career or simply satiating your curiosity.

Thank you for reading!