What to Do Before and After Pest Control Services Arrive at Your Home

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If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably thinking, “I wish I’d called sooner.” A professional pest control service can eliminate bugs, rodents, and other pests that have been making your home feel less than comfortable. Even better, they can do it without leaving any lingering odors or chemicals behind to cause damage to your home. But before the experts arrive at your door, there are a few things you should be doing to prepare your home for the treatment.


Making sure that your pest control company does its job correctly the first time means making sure that you do your job correctly, too. Before calling a pest control company, check around your home for any possible signs of an infestation, such as dead insects, webs, or fecal matter. Remember also to check any nearby trees or bushes.

Before the technician arrives, be prepared to answer questions.

You may be asked a few questions about pests you’ve seen or any recent structural changes you made to the home. Make sure you know the answer to these questions before the technician arrives. 

The technician will need to know why you’re hiring them, what pest you’re trying to get rid of, and where it’s located. They’ll also need to know how you want the treatment done. Do you want the technician to spray inside and out, or just exterior areas? Do you want a preventative treatment or a chemical treatment? You should discuss all this before the technician arrives to be prepared with the answers.

Set aside certain rooms or areas for the treatment to prevent unnecessary damage to other parts of the house

You may want to set aside certain rooms or areas for the treatment to prevent unnecessary damage to other parts of the house. You can either treat around the room or move items out of the way to treat behind, under, or inside of them. For example, treat inside the drawers of a dresser or along the walls of a closet.

It is also recommended that you move certain items to another room, such as furniture and other valuables. This will prevent the risk of any damage to these items by the treatment. There is also the possibility that the insects can spread to other parts of your home, so it is important to keep them at bay. It is also recommended that you seal up all food, dishes, or other items that are not to be treated. This will keep them from being damaged.

Give serious consideration to pre-existing conditions or other factors that may limit the effectiveness of control services

Give serious consideration to pre-existing conditions or other factors that may limit the effectiveness of control services

Nothing can make a homeowner more frustrated than paying for a pest control service to rid the home of pests, only to have those pests return. A thorough evaluation of a property prior to the start of the pest control treatment will help ensure the best possible outcome. By focusing on the areas that are most likely to provide success and considering the pre-existing conditions of the property, a pest control company can use its resources most effectively, which can greatly reduce the chances that a pest control service will fail.

Remove or cover up any plants, electronics, or other items that might need special attention during treatment

Whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, protecting your personal belongings from pests is a big deal. If pest control specialists are coming to your home, it’s important to prepare for the visit. Whether you’re planning on having professionals treat your home for pests or you’re hiring a company for your own pest control services, make sure you’re not inadvertently hiding any potential pest infestations before the treatment begins.


After the service is complete, make sure to follow up with a thorough cleaning of the areas where the technician treated. This will help to ensure that no pests have returned after treatment and that no chemical residue remains in your home.

Follow up after the service to be sure that you are pest-free and chemical-free

It’s important to take the time to follow up with the pest control service you have hired to be sure that the eradication process went without a hitch and that your home is truly chemical-free. This is important because a lot of companies will guarantee to get rid of pests but will then add chemicals to repel them. 

When you follow up, you can ensure that the company is being honest with you by asking them what they used to get rid of the pests. If the professional doesn’t know the chemical makeup of the solution they used, you should look for another company. The company should also be able to identify the pests that were removed. It’s also a good idea to get a reference from a family member or friend to make sure that you are getting the best pest control service for your money.

Make sure that there are no sources of water or food for the pests in your home

Once the pest control treatment is completed, it is necessary to check your home to make sure there are no food or water sources that might attract the pests back to your home after they have been removed. In case you have pets, you will have to make sure that the pets are not fed in the area where the pest control treatment was done. In case you have a pool, make sure that the pool is covered. It is necessary to remove any food or water sources, as this will keep the pests away from your home.

Remove any dead pests from your home, if necessary

If your pest control company uses a spray for the treatment, it is recommended to remove any dead pests from your home. This is important because the spray can seep through cracks or holes, and the bodies of pests killed can attract other pests and cause an infestation. The deeper you can get the dead pests, the better. For hard-to-reach areas, you may be able to find products that can aid you in this process.

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