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Ladders For The Attic

Loft Ladders: To meet the needs of every customer, FAKRO offers a variety of Loft Ladders. All FAKRO folded up loft ladders satisfy the specifications of EN 14975:2006, reducing heat loss in your loft. The LWS is a famous ladder in this range. The LWK model, on the other hand, is available to customers with a little more money to spare. Standard features on the LWK include a white hatch, handrail, and protective stile ends. Customers who prioritize the lowest heat transmission can choose the Highly efficient LTK.

An LDK Sliding Loft Ladder, which is similar in concept to the LWK, can be used in situations where could unfold a ladder. You have the option of using either the LWF or LSF scissors Loft Trellis if you need to use the ladder as a blaze & fumes component as in the event of a fire. Using the LSF has the additional benefit of being easy to install and requiring a smaller opening.

5 Best Loft Ladders

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Customers who prioritize the lowest heat transmission can choose the Highly efficient LTK. The LDK Moving Loft Ladder, like LWK, can be used in places where a ladder could be unfolded. In the event of a fire, both LSF Shears Loft Ladders and LWF Shears Loft Ladders are accessible for use as a blaze & smoke block. The LSF’s quick installation & smaller opening dimensions also make it a good choice.

We use the LMS steel Loft Ladder with enhanced assistance in high-traffic areas like the lofts. Model LMK has a white finish door and an additional safety handrail.

Scissors loft ladders, such as the LST and LSZ models, have a more compact box and require less time to assemble. These ladders are ideal for places that cannot install standard segment Loft Ladders. They can also be folded & unfolded using the control rod that comes with them, making them ideal for rooms with high ceilings.

Can install A MSU stairs in rooms with more available space. Its sturdy and straightforward design makes it ideal for accessing frequently-used loft spaces.

In Terms Of Loft Ladders, How Much Do We Know?

To help people get the most out of their lofts, A Loft Boys was established in 2009. We’ve had to deal with the situation outlined above too frequently, so we decided to start a company to offer a better alternative. With us, you get more than just a ladder installed; you get insulation, boarding, lighting, windows, and electrical outlets installed as well.

Choosing A Suitable Loft Ladder Is Essential

There are many factors to consider when deciding which route to take. In many cases, the decision is made for you because of the loft’s limitations and the room where the loft hatch is located. Fortunately, we can circumvent these limitations by using some of the most innovative loft ladder designs. You’ll need a few critical measurements before starting looking at different ladders. We’ll go over those in the following paragraphs:

How Do You Get A Loft Ladder To Fit?

The first thing we advise is to quantify the inside measurements of the loft hatch. To avoid disappointment, take these metrics at the narrowest pts of an open loft trapdoor because all loft ladders define a minor gap. There’s nothing more infuriating than trying to make your selection only to discover that it won’t fit!

Work out the clearances, and you’re ready to go. Here are some simple steps to help you get the measurements you need to know which ladders you can have.

Our surveyors will come out for free and without any obligation to install the ladder if this is a task too far for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Tape measures and safe access to your attic are essential tools for the job.

The Dimensions Of A Loft Hatch

Each of our loft ladders requires a specific size of open floor opening to function correctly.

Record the dimensions of your loft having opened now.

It doesn’t matter if your loft entrance is more petite than the minimum standard required for a specific ladder. You can (with the help of a professional) increase the size of your hatch for much less money than you think.

The Loft’s Vertical Clearance.

The next step is to figure out where the side of a loft hatch you want the column to be hinged from (inside the loft).

Then, take a vertical measurement from this side of such loft hatch toward the roof or any other obstruction above this edge of a loft hatch and record the number.

Loft Horizontal Clearance

Run your tape across the floor or board the loft to get an accurate reading, moving away from the hatch until you reach the nearest obstruction.

Square Feet And Heights

Measure from the floor of the loft, where your ladder’s foot will arrive when in use, up to a loft hatch, which is where the ladder will end up.

Should record Floor to walls and floors to loft floor heights.

You should tell that the two measurements differ by about 12cm.

Clearances Below The Floor

Thus every loft ladder needs a minimum clearance between the ladder and the floor to rest when operating.

Should measure This distance from the ladder’s hinge side to the nearest obstruction on the floor.

The least swing clearance is also required for folding ladders. As the ladder is folded, the arc takes its way up and down the loft.

The Various Types Of Loft Ladders Available

The Loft Ladders Can Be Folded Down

People who want to maximize their loft space are increasingly turning to this ladder type. These ladders come with a wholly integrated loft hatch chassis built into the ladders, and this is typically pre-installed on an entirely insulated and draught-proof white trapdoor. As a result, it’s an excellent option for anyone hoping to reduce heat loss and avoid painting costs.

Because these ladders fold up, they take up very little storage space when not in use. The ladder usually rests right on top of a trapdoor for the loft hatch when not in use. Thus, it can spare functional loft floor storage from being taken up. They can be made out of wood or steel as well.

It’s essential to check the dimensions of these ladders before deciding because they may involve a relatively long hatch than you presently have.

Sliding Staircases For The Attic

Most people prefer this style of loft ladder for its ease of use when gaining access to their attic. You’ll need something more durable if you plan to use the garret every day or even a few times a week, and it’s intended for occasional domestic use. Typically, these ladders are operated by a pole that comes with the ladder, as is the case with most other types of loft ladders.

One of the drawbacks of the sliding hoists is that they occupy a lot of space in the loft. Many people would be put off climbing because of the flimsiness of the cheaper models.

Loft Ladders With Telescopic Extensions.

As a result of the unique features of their design and operation, telescopic loft hoists are a cutting-edge type of loft ladder. In addition to fitting into the smallest of spaces, the telescopic design of this particular loft ladder means that it takes up the least amount of room when it’s folded up—one of the best things about this type of ladder, making it extremely easy to use. Climbing is made more accessible and more secure thanks to the 90mm-deep treads.

Concertina Ladders For The Loft

To fit in tighter spaces around the loft hatch, developed folding loft ladders. When stowed, this category of loft ladder rests directly on top of the loft trapdoor. Because of this, they are an option for such a loft hatch close to a ceiling or any other obstruction.

We used to sell and install these kinds of ladders, but we no longer do so. Customers have also requested that we remove these and substitute different categories, and that’s because we’ve received a lot of complaints about how unstable they can be when extended.

An extendable ladder is better if the hatch area is constrained and cannot extend the opening.

Loft Ladders That Run On Electricity

These are newer types of loft ladders that we don’t currently offer. So far, we’ve received only a few inquiries about them, but that could change in the future. In the United Kingdom, only a few companies offer these products. As you might expect, these will be more costly than most stairways and necessitate the use of an electrical outlet. Loftomattic is the device’s name shown here, and it makes us think of a Wallace and Grommit movie. 

1. Telesteps 1000l Osha Secure Telescoping Space Or Loft Ladder 8-10 Ft Roof Heights

Telesteps 1000l Osha Secure Telescoping Space Or Loft Ladder 8-10 Ft Roof Heights


  • Brand: Telesteps
  • Material: Aluminum

These ladders are designed with safety in mind, featuring non-slip feet & elliptical tubes for added strength. Telesteps extendable stairs are the only wholly automated telescoping ladders globally and are used by the US special forces & Swat teams. Telesteps ladders are lightweight, portable, and space-saving. Whether you’re in the house, office, cottage, boat, or RV, these ladders will come in handy.


These ladders are constructed with safety in mind, with non-slip feet and ellipsoidal tubes for strength. Suitable for use in both new construction and retrofits of existing dwellings

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  • Ladder with perfected one-touch release mechanism.


  • Incapable of supporting oneself

2. Jackpot! White Minimal Loft Twin Mattress With Final Ladder, Contemporary Style

Jackpot! White Minimal Loft Twin Mattress With Final Ladder, Contemporary Style


  • Size: Twin
  • Material: Pine

Can use the right or left side of the bed for the ladder.

Only the low loft bed & ladder are included in this sale, which does not include any mattresses.


The twin bunk’s attached ladder provides a secure way to reach the top bunk, making bedtime less of a chore and more of an adventure for kids. Restless sleepers are protected by wrap-around guardrails, allowing you to get a good night’s rest.

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  • They Can Be Kept separate Easily.


  • Taking a Nap at a Higher Altitude

3. Harlan Timber Loft Mattress With Ladder & Guard Rail By Dorel Living (White)

Harlan Timber Loft Mattress With Ladder & Guard Rail By Dorel Living (White)


  • Size: Twin
  • Material: Wood

We create a study nook, reading nook, or even a small play area under these bed frames.


A solid wood twin loft bed in the traditional style. A built-in desk and ladder for safe climbing are included.

No products found.


  • Using them for sleepovers is a great idea.


  • As if I’m trapped in a tiny space

4. Steel Twin Loft Mattress With Customizable Ladder, Protected Loft Bed Structure With Safety Keeper Rails Space-Saving In The Bedroom Or Dormitory Bedroom

Steel Twin Loft Mattress With Customizable Ladder, Protected Loft Bed Structure With Safety Keeper Rails Space-Saving In The Bedroom Or Dormitory Bedroom


  • twin-sized loft bed
  • Material: Metal

 Home is devoted to creating, producing, and distributing high-quality metal bed frames and metal racks. Sturdy steel construction, an anti-slip ladder, and a guardrail with high security make this twin loft bed safe and secure—ideal for a teen boy’s room, a college dorm, or a workplace dorm.


Ladders are built into the frame to make climbing to the top bunk safe and straightforward. It is easier and safer to climb with anti-slip pedals that are widened.

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  • Solid Construction and Low-Noise


  • Top Bunk Accessibility

5. Bed With Desk And Bookcase – Twin By Dhp Production Company Loft Top Bunk Over (White)

Bed With Desk And Bookcase - Twin By Dhp Production Company Loft Top Bunk Over (White)


  • Size: Twin
  • Material: Wood

These bunk beds don’t skimp on quality or comfort despite their compact size. After all, we’re the experts on living in a small space!


Our bunks are available in various configurations, from the simple to the complex. Without sacrificing comfort, we travel the world to find the best materials and the latest trends. It’s as simple as pairing your DHP bunkbed with one of our best-selling mattresses. Do you want to try DHP bunks?

No products found.


  • Design That Saves You Room


  • Intensely challenging to keep up.


Ask yourself what you intend to do with your loft before deciding which ladder to buy. It may seem prudent to invest in an inexpensive ladder at this moment. Do not forget that your attic could become more frequently used at some point in the future and that a low price ladder may not be adequate for the job. Having a child is a possibility for you, too. As a result, you’ll want to make the most of every square inch of your loft, which could lead to it being used constantly.

Because of the loft’s potential value, you may want to make it more attractive and energy-efficient before you put it on the market. Investing a little in the ladder may be an excellent way to entice potential buyers.

Loft Ladder: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does A Ladder In The Attic Cost So Much?

In addition to VAT and installation, we offer a basic two-section sliding loft ladder for £177. Ladders of superior quality can cost upwards of £580. Many retailers, including B&Q and Amazon, sell ladders by themselves, with entry-level models costing around £50. Make sure to read the reviews & specifications thoroughly if you’re looking for the cheapest ladder possible. Ladders purchased at a low cost may be too flimsy to be used regularly. As a result, spending some more money upfront can save you a lot more money down the road.

2. Is There A Guarantee?

Most of the companies that make our ladders provide a warranty of three years, and that’s what it Was at the Upstairs Lads. We extend our warranties to five years, and our warranty coverage covers all of our installations.

3. Is It Possible To Use A Loft Ladder As A Standard One?

In addition, the safety of a loft ladder depends on how well it is installed. If the loft hatch or the loft floor are installed incorrectly, the ladder itself may become loose while in use.

4. A Loft Ladder’s Width Is Measured In Feet And Inches.

Some homes have larger openings than the dimensions of 22.5″ x 54″. Conversely, the doorways are smaller (or hatches). Attic ladders come in various sizes, so it’s essential to know the opening size in your home before purchasing one.

5. Is Installing A Loft Ladder Difficult?

Installing a loft ladder ground level would be a super simple project, but it isn’t. Many variables must be considered before attempting to install one on your own. If you have all of the above and the desire to implement one yourself, there will be nothing to end you from doing so.

5 Best Loft Ladders

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