Is Insulated Glass The Same As Double Pane?

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We live in times when there are energy crises everywhere in the world. Some places are more affected by energy issues, while others have better reserves. But we all are moving towards an extreme energy crunch in one way or the other. Natural resources are rapidly depleting. On the other hand, the requirement is increasing with the growing population. This imbalance in resources and consumption has led to a different approach to daily life choices. Everybody is looking to find energy-efficient alternatives to their everyday life utilities to minimize their carbon footprint. Another step towards reducing energy consumption in our daily lives is by minimizing the use of energy in achieving a suitable interior temperature. Windows and doors play an important role in keeping a proper interior environment. The choice of window glass affects energy consumption too. Thanks to advanced technology, many energy-efficient glass options are available now. Insulated glass panels top the list. Let’s see what insulated glass units have to offer in comparison to double-pane glass. 

What Is Insulated Glass?

Insulated glass is a type of glass with two or more glass panes that are separated by a layer of inert gas. Argon or krypton are typically sussed as the spacer gas in insulated glass. The main intent behind the production of an insulated glass unit is to dramatically reduce the heat transfer in the building while also providing structural insulation. A high strength value is ensured by layering multiple panes of glass in the structure of an insulated glass unit. The strength value can be increased or decreased by adjusting the number of glass panes in the unit structure. It is widely used in residential as well as commercial structures for its increased robustness and energy efficiency.

Properties Of Insulated Glass Panels

Properties Of Insulated Glass Panels

There are a lot of benefits to incorporating insulated glass units in your building structure. However, the most significant of all the benefits are as follows. 

  • Reduced Heat Gain or Loss 

The statement property of insulated glass is its ability to block the transfer of heat through its surface. So the first and foremost benefit of an insulated glass unit is its heat insulation. It minimizes heat gain during the summer and reduces heat loss during the winter. Thus playing a significant role in maintaining a suitable interior temperature. 

  • Better Energy Efficiency 

Insulated glass reduces heat transfer, which reduces the amount of electricity needed to cool down a house in the summer or warm it up during the winter. The burden on the HVAC system is significantly reduced as there is no energy loss.  You can boost the energy efficiency of the insulated glass panels even more by getting additional Low-e and reflective coatings on the window glass. 

  • Improved Security 

With multiple glass panes in its structure, insulated glass offers great security value. It is quite hard to break the insulated glass panels. So it doubles as a safety and security window. 

  • Noise Reduction 

Insulated glass units have an interlayer of inert gas that blocks the sound from traveling through. This property is very effective in maintaining a peaceful environment. The ability of noise reduction is also channeled in workplaces and commercial spaces to maintain privacy.

What Is Double Pane Glass?

What Is Double Pane Glass?

As the name implies, double-pane glass has two glass panes in its basic structure. It is typically used in windows and doors. Between the two pieces of glass, there is a pocket of empty space which is completely dried to achieve an airtight air space. This interlayer of vacuum ensures that condensation does not take place between the glass panes and the thermal insulation properties are maximized.

Properties of Double-Pane Glass 

Double pane glass has a lot to offer. It is the standard glass type for use in windows and doors. Here is a rundown of the main properties and benefits of double pane glass.

  • Thermal Insulation

Double-pane glass windows keep the heat out in the summers while effectively blocking the cold air from entering the house in winter. The vacuum between the glass panes plays its part in blocking the uninterrupted flow of air through the window glass. This property of double pane glass helps in lowering energy bills effectively. 

  • No Window Condensation 
No Window Condensation 

Condensation is an issue that usually takes place in the cold season. Due to insufficient heat transfer, air droplets accumulate on the surface of the glass and give the window a blurry appearance. This is typically an issue in single-pane windows. Double-pane windows don’t allow the air to freely move through the glass surface, so the chances of inefficient heat transfer are quite low. 

  • Soundproof

The additional layer of glass adds an extra layer of insulation between the interior space and the noise pollution. It effectively blocks the noise to create a peaceful interior space. 

Is Insulated Glass The Same As Double Pane?

Is Insulated Glass The Same As Double Pane?

Now onto the million-dollar question, “Is insulated glass the same as double pane glass?”

Well, they both are energy-efficient glass options. But they are not entirely the same. The main difference between insulated glass and double pane glass is the interlayer between the glass panels. In the insulated glass, an inert gas offers insulation while a vacuum is created between the glass panes in double pane glass. Both of them are effective against heat transfer. However, insulated glass panels are one step ahead of double-pane glass in every aspect. Be it noise dampening or thermal insulation. So if you want to achieve the ultimate level of heat insulation in your house, go for insulated glass units. On the other hand, double-pane windows are the right option if you live in an area with moderate weather conditions. Consider your consideration and choose accordingly.  

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