How to Use a Folding Hex Key Set Correctly (Hand Tools DIY)

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So, do you have Folding Hex Key Set, but don’t know how to use it? This post special for you. For a professional DIYer or mechanic, it is essential to maintain a proper range of tools, whether it is power tools or hand tools. The former type of tool is known for its technical advancements, whereas the latter uses manpower and has a significant place in the formation or repair of several objects.

Folding Hex Key Set

Hex keys are an integral part of the hand tools collection that are required in various DIY projects. The entire hex key set can provide favorable outcomes easily and quickly.

This article is a complete guide for individuals who want to use a folding hex key set correctly and obtain the best results with every usage.

Step-by-Step Guide for Using a Folding Hex Key Set

Before using a folding hex key set, it is crucial to analyze a few aspects that are associated with it. Any person can use them without any hassle. It includes the purpose for which it is required, the type and size of a hex key, and the quality.

It will help in buying the most suitable and ideal tool for a specific project.  Here are the detailed steps for using a folding hex key set so that it becomes possible to perform every kind of task quickly and effortlessly.

Step 1: Identify the purpose and buy the hex key set accordingly

The first and foremost step is to purchase a folding hex key set that suits the required objective. The primary use of hex keys is to tighten and driving the bolts & screws utilizing the hexagonal sockets in their heads. It is a highly versatile fastening tool suitable for bicyclists. Thus, it is important to understand whether it can fulfill the purpose or not.

Also, several types of folding hex key sets are available in the market. Many companies offer premium quality hex key sets that possess the potential to give maximum torque. Therefore, it is better to assess a few aspects like quality, sizes available, and torque generation capacity to purchase the optimum tool from an extensive assortment.

Step 2: Read the instructions manual

Read the instructions manual

After buying the folding hex key set, one has to begin using it. But before using the tool, it is necessary to know the capacity and precautions.

For this, it is better to read the instructions manual and understand the working and safety norms associated with it. This step is essential because some folding hex key sets are difficult to use and involve a complex procedure. Hence, it is advisable to read the guide for easy and quick usage.

Step 3: Check the size of the screw/bolt

It is an important step of the entire process. One has to measure the dimensions of the screw/ bolt that has to be tightened using the hex key set. This is because screws and bolts are of varied sizes, and therefore, the size of the hex key also differs.

It is, however, possible to know the screw’s size only by looking at it, but one can also assess it by positioning each hex key into the screw. This step further helps to know whether a specific hex key set is appropriate or not. A proper set includes hex keys of every size, ranging from 1mm to 10mm.

Step 4: Folding a specific hex key

After knowing the size of the screw and finding the suitable hex key. The next step is to fold it from the set. A folding hex key is normally folded out at different angles, such as 90-degrees, 135-degrees, and 180-degrees from the pack to provide maximum torque.

A particular amount of torque is necessary for obtaining the desired results. Further, one can easily manage all the keys at a single time and eliminates the risk of losing any of them.

So, one has to hold a hex key, push it upward, and adjust it at a specific angle to get the best outcomes without any problem.

Step 5: Place the key’s tip into the bolt/screw

The last step in this procedure is to place the selected and appropriate hex key into the screw. An individual has to place the key’s head or tip into the hexagonal cross-section of the screw and apply the proper amount of pressure into it.

Then, it has to be turned in a clockwise direction until the bolt is adequately tightened. However, it is important to note that the wrong position or inappropriate pressure can damage the hex key and can affect its quality. It can also deteriorate the original shape of the key that can make the screw tightening task more difficult and complex.

Thus, it is better to understand every aspect of a floating hex key set before using it. Hence, an individual has to follow all these steps to use this hand tool correctly and achieving professional results with every DIY project. Lastly, it is essential to store them properly so that it can be used in the future without any damage to the key’s quality and performance.

Folding Hex Key Set

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a hex key used for?

A hex key is a hand tool used for loosening and tightening hexagonal-shaped bolts and other similar fasteners.

Is an Allen wrench the same as a hex key?

The other name of a hex key is an Allen wrench. It is also known as an Allen key. They are available in different varieties and sizes and used for driving bolts with a hexagonal socket.

How do you tighten Allen keys?

For tightening the bolts, it is important to place the hex key of adequate size into the cross-section of the bolt. Then, it has to be rotated firmly until it is properly fastened.

What can I use instead of a hex key?

In case an individual doesn’t have the access to a hex key set or is unable to find one. Then one can use a set of flat-tipped tweezers or a flat portion of a pair of fingernail clippers.


A floating hex key set is an essential hand tool required for accomplishing several types of DIY projects. The presence of such kind of tool can ease the burden of a hexagonal screw tightening task to a great extent. But for this, it is crucial to buy a decent floating hex key set capable of furnishing the required outcomes. Also, one needs to follow the above steps properly and in a correct sequence.

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