How To Incorporate Houseplants Into Holiday Decorating: Creative Ideas

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With more than 67% of households owning houseplants, it’s no wonder they’ve become a cornerstone in home decor. But when the holidays roll in, there’s a question on everyone’s mind: How To Incorporate Houseplants Into Holiday Decorating? Well, it’s simpler than stringing lights on a Christmas tree. Houseplants can transform your space, infusing both fresh air and festive spirit.

Why Houseplants Are Great for Holiday Decorating

Whoever said the festive spirit is strictly about tinsel and bulbs hasn’t felt the green touch of houseplants during the holidays. It’s an evergreen affair, literally! But what’s the buzz about plants when there are stockings to hang?

Aesthetic Wonders of Houseplants Houseplants can transform the ambiance of any room. With their gentle foliage swaying by the fireside, they bring a serenity that complements the holiday craze. Plus, let’s face it: a well-placed Monstera leaf can make any space look like a page out of an interior design magazine.

Serene Monstera Leaf By The Fireside

Breath of Fresh Air Here’s a fun fact: According to the NASA Clean Air Study, certain houseplants can filter and purify the air. So, while the outside world is filled with snow and fog, your home can be a haven of fresh, oxygen-rich air.

Emotional Connection with Houseplants Ever noticed how tending to plants can be therapeutic? That’s because plants aren’t just decor; they’re emotional anchors. Amidst the holiday hustle, a little green corner can be a calming spot to sip hot cocoa and ponder over New Year’s resolutions.

Benefits Description
Aesthetic Appeal Houseplants transform the ambiance of any room, complementing the holiday craze with their swaying foliage by the fireside.
Improved Air Quality Certain houseplants, as per NASA’s Clean Air Study, filter and purify the air, creating a haven of fresh, oxygen-rich air indoors.
Emotional Anchors Tending to plants offers therapeutic benefits, providing a calming spot amidst the holiday hustle to reflect and relax.

Choosing the Right Houseplants for Your Decor Theme

Now, not all houseplants wear festive hats equally well. To truly understand How To Incorporate Houseplants Into Holiday Decorating, one must pick the right candidates.

Match the Room and Theme It starts with the basics: room size and existing decorations. For smaller rooms, opt for compact plants like the ZZ plant or peace lilies. Larger spaces? Let that Fiddle Leaf Fig dominate the scene. And if your home theme revolves around a ‘Winter Wonderland’, you might not want a tropical plant stealing the show.

The Festive Line-Up The classics never go out of style. The Poinsettias, with their flaming red leaves, scream Christmas louder than Santa on a sleigh. The Christmas Cactus blooms just in time for the festivities, and the Norfolk Pine? It’s the tree that keeps on giving all year long.

Seasonal Availability Be savvy. Before you fall head over heels for a specific plant, ensure it’s available during the holiday season. No one wants to hunt for a rare cactus two days before Christmas.

And if you’re looking for creative ways to spruce (pun intended!) up your decor with plants, has some impressive ideas.

How To Incorporate Houseplants Into Holiday Decorating

The festive season is a canvas, and with houseplants, you’re Bob Ross with a green brush. The key to a masterpiece? Knowing Just How To Incorporate Houseplants Into Holiday Decorating.

DIY Festive Plant Pots and Stands

Unleash your inner craft genius! Grab some paint, glitter, and ribbon:

  • Jazz up terracotta pots with gold or silver accents.
  • Utilize old scarves or fabric to create rustic plant wraps.
  • Consider multi-level stands, giving a tiered Christmas cake appearance. Only greener. And less edible.

The Ultimate Holiday Centerpiece Forget the traditional holly

Let’s get plant fancy:
  • Combine ivies with fairy lights for a shimmering effect.
  • Mix eucalyptus branches with classic Christmas baubles in a large vase.
  • Petite succulents surrounding a big candle?


The New Christmas Trees Pines are so last season (not really, we still love them):
  • A tall Monstera can wear those fairy lights like a star.
  • Group different plants, with the tallest at the center, mimicking a tree silhouette.
  • Add tiny ornaments to potted plants. Even a cactus can rock a Santa hat!

Holiday Decor with Succulents and Cacti

Move over, Rudolph; the cacti are taking center stage this Christmas! And why not? Their quirky shapes and enduring nature make them a festive fit.

Succulent Wreaths: A Door’s Best Friend

Ditch the regular pine wreaths, Let’s get succulent-savvy:
  • Create a wreath using diverse succulent types for varied textures.
  • Add pops of color with blooming succulents.
  • Throw in some pinecones and ribbons for a classic touch.

Cactus: A Christmas Tree With Attitude

If your Christmas vibe is ‘cool and edgy,’ This is for you:
  • Choose a tall cactus, and softly wrap it with lights. Beware of the prickles!
  • Ornaments? Go minimal. A star on top, perhaps some tinsel, and you’re golden.

Succulent Wreath With Twinkling Lights

Succulent Care During Festive Frolic

These plants might be hardy, but they too enjoy some holiday TLC:
  • Ensure they’re not near heaters or places with drastic temperature changes.
  • Water sparingly. They’re like camels, not big drinkers!
  • If they’re playing a central role in your décor, check regularly for signs of distress.

For more details refer to this article on Maximize Growth: How To Use Superthrive On Houseplants.

Need more plant-holiday mashup ideas? The folks over at have a treasure trove of inspiration.

Layering Houseplants with Traditional Holiday Decorations

The holiday season is as much about traditions as it is about innovation. This year, let’s weave magic by layering houseplants with classic holiday decorations.

A Glowing Embrace: Fairy Lights and Plants

Fairy lights are like the sprinkles of the decoration world: a little goes a long way.

  • Draping your pothos or monstera with a warm golden string of lights? It’s a celestial dance right in your living room.
  • Light up the tips of a snake plant; they’re practically asking for it.

The Mantlepiece Magic

That elongated space above your fireplace isn’t just for stockings.

  • Arrange a line-up of miniature cacti adorned with tiny Santa hats.
  • Weave ivy or string-of-pearls amidst candles and ceramic figurines. The contrast? Exquisite.

Houseplants Illuminated By Festive Fairy Lights

Ornaments Meet Houseplants

Who said baubles are just for trees? Not us!

  • Hang delicate ornaments from a sturdy rubber plant.
  • Decorative bird ornaments perched on your fiddle leaf fig? It’s almost poetic.

Caring for Your Houseplants During the Holidays

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we sometimes forget our quietest family members: our houseplants. Here’s how to ensure they remain jolly and don’t turn into a Grinch.

The Holiday Hustle: Keeping Plants Cheerful

Decorations, family, food amidst all this, plants might feel a tad neglected.

  • Set reminders to water them. Because while Santa checks his list twice, we often forget ours once.
  • If you’re traveling, consider self-watering stakes. Your plants should have a holiday too, not a drought.

Cold Outside? Modify Watering

When Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, he’s probably bothering your plants too.

  • Colder months typically mean less watering. Those roots don’t like cold, wet feet!
  • Ensure proper drainage. Overwatering in winter is the Grinch of plant care.

Light and Heat: Position Wisely

A plant’s placement can be the difference between singing carols or the blues.

  • Keep them away from drafty windows or too-close radiators.
  • Rotate regularly to ensure even light absorption. Yes, plants tan too. Sort of.

For a broader perspective on balancing houseplants and holiday chaos, the lovely folk at kinwoven have just the wisdom.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of incorporating houseplants into holiday decorating?

It enhances aesthetic appeal, improves indoor air quality, and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly choice!

Which houseplants are most popular for holiday decorating?

Poinsettias, Christmas Cactus, and Norfolk Pine are holiday favorites. Their vibrant colors and festive look make them perfect for the season.

Can I use fairy lights with my houseplants?

Absolutely! Draping fairy lights over houseplants like pothos or monstera adds a magical glow, making your space more festive.

How can I ensure my houseplants remain healthy during the holidays?

Regular watering, avoiding cold drafts, and ensuring proper drainage are key. Positioning plants away from direct heat sources also helps.

Are there specific DIY ideas for incorporating houseplants?

Certainly! From festive pots and stands to create centerpieces with plants and traditional decorations, the possibilities are endless.

Can I use succulents in holiday decor?

Yes! Building a wreath with succulents or using a tall cactus as a quirky Christmas tree replacement are fun and innovative ways.

How To Incorporate Houseplants Into Holiday Decorating without overspending?

Opt for DIY ideas, repurpose existing pots with festive wraps, or simply rearrange plants in high-visibility areas for a festive feel.


Incorporating the serene beauty of houseplants with the festive dazzle of holiday decorations can be magical. Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or a newbie, understanding How To Incorporate Houseplants Into Holiday Decorating can elevate your festive spirit to a whole new leafy level. As the holidays beckon, let’s transform our spaces into green havens with a touch of festivity.

Thank you for reading!