How To Dry Clean Carpet At Home: Methods And Products Used

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If you wouldn’t want your rug to be soggy after soapy water, dry cleaning is an option. How To Dry Clean Carpet At Home? Dry cleaning reduces the amount of wear & tear on carpets while also eliminating mold formation. It removes most stains by sprinkling a dry cleaning solution well over a carpet by carpet cleaners. A fluid encapsulates yet another alternative that is less costly but requires some more moisture. Vinegar & baking soda is a safe choice if you’re searching for a reasonable remedy. It could clean all styles of carpeting with dry cleaning items. You won’t need to employ a specialist to deep-clean the rug if you use the correct equipment!

To eliminate dirt & other particles, vacuum a whole carpet.

Remove as many dirt particles from the carpet if possible. It would just obstruct the encapsulant inside the future. Be careful, particularly in areas where there is a lot of heavy traffic and visible stains.

Any debris that remains may soak even deeper into the rug. If anyone thinks you might have missed a location, handle everything before adding the encapsulant.

In the pump sprinkler, dissolve the encapsulant using hot water.

Encapsulants are liquid cleaners that must distill carefully. For the required mixing ratio, please consult the proper procedure. For example, for every 128 liters (3,800 mL) of warm water you use, you can use four fl oz (120 mL) of sealant. Pour these into the reservoir of the pump spray bottle.

Encapsulants can be purchased online, & they can be found in some supermarkets. You could also rent a portable pump sprayer from the nearest hardware store.

Encapsulation is indeed the dry cleaning technique, even though it uses a fluid. It’s common among professionals since it has been low-moisture & efficient at removing stubborn stains.

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Sprinkle the encapsulant on the rugs to gently moisten it.

Drag the device down and up till it becomes hard to move to start the pump spray bottle. Maintain a distance of 6 in (15 cm) between the suction hose and the rug. Then, operating through one corner of the wall to another, sweep the nozzle from across the carpet at quite a slow and gradual rate. It’s okay to walk mostly on encapsulant. Just try to stop it, so it doesn’t spread.

Although there is no correct size of encapsulant of use, you recommend using it infrequently. Wet the furniture, but not so much that it becomes waterlogged.

Apply a small amount of liquid to any filthy places. Whether you’re handling Staines on the spot, dump some encapsulant on all of them or then wipe up the liquid.

Allow the solvent to absorb into the rug for almost 15 minutes.

It’d be more successful if you left it alone for a while. At this period, prevent walking on the rug. It can loosen accumulated grime & stubborn marks that you’ll never get rid of before when it soaks in.

If you attempt to eliminate the encapsulant too soon, it might not function properly.

To hurry the drying process and remove any residual moisture remaining on the rug, use fans or even a clean cloth.

With something like the soft-bristled brush, work the cleaner onto the carpet.

How To Dry Clean Carpet At Home? If you can, invest in a long-handled carpet grooming comb. You’ll be able to keep your balance while pushing the broom ahead. From one corner of the line to another, go over the whole carpet. Cover some areas where applying the encapsulant to stir up secret dirt and carry it to the ground to be thoroughly cleaned up easily.

If you’re not using a brush, a soft-bristled cleaning brush will suffice. On the other hand, many bushes are small but ideally suited to handling particular areas instead of the whole carpet.

Encapsulates and electrical tools get along swimmingly.

To clear any leftover dirt, vacuum the rug.

How To Dry Clean Carpet At Home? To suck up quite enough debris, if possible, choose a powerful economic vacuum. First, covering the whole carpet, and at the very least some places where using the encapsulant. After that, inspect the carpet. So that since encapsulant removes grime, the rug can immediately appear lighter & cleaner.

If the rug seems not to have changed, you will need to add further encapsulant using a more powerful vacuum.

There are many carpet cleaners available in the market. We will see a few best products in detail as follows.

1.Portable Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaning By Bissell Proheat Spot clean 

Portable Spot & Stain Carpet Cleaning By Bissell Proheat Spot clean


  • Heatwave technology
  • Weight: 9lbs
  • Formula: Pro spot and strain plus oxy
  • Battery: not required

Heatwave technology provides a steady water temperature when washing, with a tank size of 37 ounces.

Cleaning stairwells, upholstery, & difficult areas with a 3-inch powerful stain device

From the ground up, a broad reach device extracts embedded stains and dirt; dirt container capability.

Washing out the computer is a breeze with the self-cleaning unit.

Water tanks that can remove for fast filling & emptying

It’s just about the comfort! You can apply several of the functionality of the full-size rug cleaner to challenging areas in your house. For example, narrower deep-down dirt & stains could be removed easily or on the go with these tools, so you wouldn’t have to use your full-size rug cleaners each time.

Warm water, professional cleaning formulations, & strong suction are used by mattress cleaning to somehow get far below the layer of a stain or spot, where splashes & foams can’t penetrate. Carpet cleaning is often more successful at permanently removing the paint, while sprays & foams can cause the residue to reappear.


Is it easier to use a full-size, standing carpet cleaner and perhaps a compact carpet cleaner? Both have advantages; it just relies on which area of your house you have to wash. Compact carpet cleaners were ideal for stairwells, carpet padding, and other small spaces.

Full-size, vertical cleaning services are suitable for vast areas like entire rooms, whereas upholstery, automotive interiors, or other narrower spaces.

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  • Remove tough strains
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Uses heatwave technology
  • Tool for deep stain removal
  • Tough stain removal
  • Self-cleaning HydroRinse hose tool


  • Tiny hose

2.Hoover Pet Compact Powerdash Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Pet Compact Powerdash Carpet Cleaner


  • Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • No assembly required
  • No batteries required
  • Manufacturer: hoover
  • Suitable for home and kitchen


POWER SPIN Animal BRUSH ROLL: Provides effective carpet steam cleaning while still providing safety.

HEATFORCE Strength: Ensures that every room dries much faster.


STRONG CLEANING: Ideal for high-density areas, including tight spaces.


CLEANING Product Provided: It includes a Hoover Sample Size Product to support you improve the cleaning results.

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  • When you have a construction-grade carpet that picks up fluff any time, either rub against or vacuum it. The distance between the front nozzle and the handle is large enough to prevent clogging.
  • It’s easy to put together & lightweight sufficient to take upstairs.
  • It’s easy to cover with solvent, so drain the polluted water.
  • Ideal for city dwellers because it is lightweight and takes up little room.


  • Parts for such machines are challenging to come by; I attempted to request extra belts for this, but it was not accessible either on the hoover page in Canada or even the hoover page in the United States. So I had to buy from a third-party vendor throughout the US.
  • To wash the front comb, you’ll need to use a wrench to remove the screws.
  • While this has a heating aid to protect dry a carpet, I believe it is insufficient.
  • Suction is helpful, but you’ll have to invest more money to get anything more efficient.
  • It’s only for rugs, so no furnishings tools are allowed.

3. Eureka Rapidclean Lightweight Cordless Pro Vacuum Cleaner

 Eureka Rapidclean Lightweight Cordless Pro Vacuum Cleaner


Weight of item: 5.26 pounds

Battery: required( lithium-ion battery)

Manufacturer: Eureka

No assembly required

Rapid Clean’s Powerful Cordless Washing: Using the latest engine technology, the Rapid Cleaner allows cleaning convenient & straightforward.

The period is 40 minutes. We are running time: Equivalent to 40 minutes of non-fade operation. To improve suction for good carpet & rug cleaning, simply switch to Maximum power on the fingertip buttons.

Have to take a rest? How To Dry Clean Carpet At Home? Use the Easy Rest function. You can comfortably prop the vacuum on worktops & furniture thanks to the purpose constructed Simple Resting nook.

We shifted the dust container to the front of the vacuum because you can place it fully flat to pass under tables & beds with comfort.


LED Headlights: Powerful beams illuminate the route, allowing you to see dust particles that you’d have overlooked otherwise, as well as making sweeping under chairs much simpler.

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  • Long-lasting battery
  • Filtration system: cyclonic
  • LED headlights
  • Easy restย 
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lays flat down
  • Handheld tools
  • Multifloor use
  • dual cleaning mode


  • They usually have a lifetime of 1-2 years. However, if you’re using it often, you’ll need to replace it often.

4. Eufy Robot wi-fi Connected Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy Robot wi-fi Connected Vacuum Cleaner


  • 15C MAX RoboVac 
  • Complete Control
  • Vacuuming is no longer a chore.
  • Cleaning Device, Lean and Mean
  • While you rest, it tends.
  • Less Hassle, More Dust
  • Components of Superior Quality
  • For Best Results

All RoboVac has been re-engineered to delivering our most potent power output (2000Pa Max), thus retaining a smooth ride as well as a slim layout(2.85″).

Wi-fi Comfort: A EufyHome application, as well as Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant android auto services, allow you to vacuum with really no effort on the part

BoostIQ Engineering increases suction capacity after 1.5 seconds, ensuring optimum vacuum when additional vacuuming intensity is required.


What You Will Get: RoboVac, docking base, AC charger adapter, washing tool, an additional set of clamshell filter, Four side brush, Five zip ties, friendly guide, including the worry-free one year warranty.

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  • Holds more
  • Do not disturb people
  • Cleaning system: 3 point
  • Safe upstairs
  • Routine cleaning
  • Smooth & smart transitions
  • More convenience


  • Nothing in particular

5. Coredy Robot R580 Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy Robot R580 Vacuum Cleaner


  • 500ML Dust Container Capacity
  • Mopping Feature (Wet/Dry)
  • Supported, however cleaning wipe cloth & 300ML water reservoir are purchased individually.
  • The maximum suction pressure is 2000 psi.
  • Sponsored by Alexa, and you can start and stop this with your speech.
  • 2.7-inch material height
  • 0.64-inch Scaling Threshold
  • Supported by Virtual Border, Purchase 2X6.6ft bounding strips individually.
  • 45-65 decibels
  • Compatible with wi-fi
  • Corey app is supported and can be used to monitor it.

Use voice & application to begin and end cleaning: Enable Amazon Alexa & Google Advisor voice control to start & end cleaning. Then, just use an intelligent Application to manage your R580 vacuum cleaner easily, track real-time disinfecting power/accessories level, configure washing modes/schedule clean, monitor cleaning route, and get connected to our digital services department anytime you need it.

Sweep, mop, and vacuum: It has a wet-dry wiping down feature. A thorough cleaning output is achieved by vacuuming multi-surfaces, such as carpet, drying sweeping hardwood floors, then mopping your solid surface floor with an ultra-soft rag connected to a water reservoir when required.

High Suction & Slim: 2000Pa vacuum with a low noise level of 65dB. Increases suction capacity to suck up anything from tiny particles to massive debris & pet fur further, as well as the 2.7-inch excellent skinny design, floats around & under tables, couches, as well as other items for a good scrubbing.

Set Digital Boundary: The Coredy R580 Vacuum Cleaner is digital boundary compliant, with advanced newly designed sensors that detect Bounding Strips to guarantee your robotic cleaner only sweeps the places you specify. (Bounding strips are available separately.)


You’ll Receive the R580 automated cleaning system, as well as a variety of new vacuum attachments. Also, 2AAA cells included, 1x washing scrub, 1x loading pier.

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  • Smart cleaning
  • Enjoyable life
  • Slim layout
  • Clean-up time should be precisely scheduled.
  • Keep in mind that accessories have a limited lifespan.
  • Quickly locate your robot.
  • Real-time cleaning monitoring
  • Learn how to troubleshoot troubling situations.
  • Easy voice instructions.


  • Company Sells each component separately. It makes it more costly.

Final Thoughts

Call professional cleaners when you’re experiencing trouble keeping your carpet clean.

Since there are so many different liquids that can spill onto the carpet, these don’t all need identical care. Can clean many of them with vinegar, but spills from cosmetics or beer can include soapy water and isopropyl alcohol.

Scrape up any solid stains on your rug before washing it.

Treat spills as quickly as you spot them to keep them from spreading. Then, using hand towels, mop up fluid spills & start picking up dry materials.

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Thank you for reading!

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