How to Clean Linoleum Floors Like A Pro by Yourself – 5 Tips

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If your home has linoleum floors, you have come to the right place! This flooring material is viral due to its low-maintenance, tough, and resilient material. It consists of numerous natural substances such as cork and wood dust, limestone particles, and linseed oil.

Due to these eco-friendly features, linoleum floors can last for decades with proper maintenance and care. However, this task should be taken up with precautions as harsh chemicals can damage the surface.

Your answer to how to clean linoleum floors is here. Let’s take a look at 5 appropriate ways to clean and care for linoleum floors.


1.    Using Vinegar and Baking Soda

This solution is the perfect combination for removing dirt as well as leaving your linoleum floors shining. Some add other chemicals such as rubbing alcohol or peroxide to make the solution more effective. If you are not a fan of vinegar’s strong smell, apple cider vinegar is a good alternative.

Now that you have the right ingredients, let’s get to work!

Step 1

Removing any debris, such as dust or other loose particles from your linoleum floors, will allow the solution to be effective. This can be done by sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Ensure that you reach the tiny crevices and corners as well.

Step 2

To make the solution, combine 1/3rd cups of baking soda along with 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a cup that is half-filled with water. Stir this solution until the lumps of the soda and vinegar dissolve.

Step 3

Add the prepared solution into a clean spray bottle. Spray this solution all over your linoleum floors and wait for a while to allow it to dissolve the dirt.

Step 4

Using warm water with a tile mop, go over the floors and spread the mixture into corners and crevices. This method has been the most common go-to when the question of how to clean linoleum floors has troubled a house owner.


2.    Using Borax and Water

Borax and Water

Borax is one of the most popular deodorizers known among cleaning products. This product can be harmful if it is ingested or absorbed and should be used with caution and regulated according to the given instructions. Additionally, borax is a natural pest repellent, and this further protects your linoleum floors.

Step 1

Take a gallon of warm water and add two tablespoons of the Borax powder to it. Ensure that your stir the mixture until the powder dissolves to avoid any lumps.

Step 2

Use a mop to mix the solution and wring it before applying it to the floor. This is done to prevent flooding of your linoleum floors.

Step 3

Using the mop, apply gentle pressure to the affected areas of your floor. After you have cleaned the linoleum floors, rinse it with warm water to prevent stains and streaks.


3.    Using Castile Soap and Water

Castile Soap and Water

Castile soap is an odorless soap made from vegetables that are as effective as vinegar. It is strong enough to clean linoleum floors and available in many scents. The natural ingredients make it safe to use on these floors. This soap is easily available in the market.

Step 1

In a bucket of hot water, add 2 tablespoons of castile soap. Use a mop to stir the mixture slowly so that a sudsy mess can be prevented.

Step 2

Wring your mop thoroughly and apply the solution to your linoleum floors. Ensure that you reach the corners and crevices and leave the cleaner on the floor until the soap has completely penetrated the surface.

Step 3

Once the soap has penetrated the floors, rinse it with clean water thoroughly. Do this until the filmy residue of castile soap has been removed.


4.    Dish Soap and Water

Dish soap and waterThis method is the easiest and most accessible way to clean your linoleum floors. All you need to do is grab your dish soap and a bucket of water to get started!

Step 1

Use an empty bucket and add 4 to 6 drops of the dish soap before filling it up with warm water. Using about 1 gallon of water should be enough.

Step 2

Use a mop to stir the mixture in the bucket. Wring the mop until there is no more dripping, and sweep the floor. An effective way to reach every area is starting at the edges and moving backward evenly.

Step 3

Dip the mop in clean water and go over the linoleum floors once more. This is done to remove any residue or streaks. Leave the floors to air dry, and you are done!

While this method is an effective way to clean linoleum floors, you may need stronger solutions to clean stains from the floor. The tips mentioned earlier can be employed for problematic stains.

5.    Using Linoleum Floor Polish

Polishing your floors is a great way to keep them looking fresh and shiny. Additionally, the polish is known for protecting the surface from traffic and wear. Linoleum floor polish is available in the market and is easy to use by yourself.

Step 1

Before applying the polish, vacuum and clean the floors like you normally would. This removes dirt and debris from the surface. It also prevents trapping excessive dirt on the floor.

Step 2

After the floor has dried, apply one or two coats of the floor polish following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that you allow the coat of polish to dry before applying the next.

Step 3

Try not to move the applicator over a particular area of the floor over one time. This will cause streaking and leave a stain on your linoleum floor.

how to clean linoleum

To sum up

Cleaning your linoleum floors by yourself has never been easier. The low-maintenance flooring material is easy to care for and can be cleaned with a couple of simple steps. The given methods can effectively solve the problem of how to clean linoleum floors without professional help.

Polishing once every few months can leave your floors looking brand new. Go ahead and use these tips to make your home look glamorous with minimal effort!

Thank you for reading!

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