How to Build a Simple Wooden Fence Gate

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Here you will learn how to build a wooden fence gate. Whenever you think of owning your own property, the first thing that comes to mind is the need for privacy. The best way to give yourself extra privacy and protect your property from trespassers and other threats is to install a fence. With the installation of a fence, there is also a need for a fence gate.ย  But have you ever wondered how to build a fence gate?

Designing and installing fence gates can be challenging at times. As Windermere Management Company advises, you want something that will shield you from outdoor threats and also enhance the aesthetic of your exterior. You donโ€™t want something to look out of the place and hamper the whole look of your property. There are various types of fence gates that you can consider, but wooden ones are best suited.

Wooden fence gates look aesthetically pleasing and also provide great protection. Let us now take a look at how to build a simple wooden fence gate.

A Guide to Build a Fence Gate

Wooden Fence Gate

Have you installed a fence and are now looking to build a perfect gate to align with the whole look? Fret not because we have a complete guide on how to build a fence gate.

1. Motivation

You should always start every work by focusing on its purpose. Sit down and figure out how and what kind of fence gate you are looking for. If you already have a fence, then you should keep in mind that the gate should complement the fence and not just sit there like an unaligned thing.

Once you have figured out the design, layout, and reason for building the fence gate, you can focus on how to build a fence gate.

2. Preparation

Before beginning the construction of the fence gate, you should get a few tools handy. You will need some basic tools, including a screwdriver, a good drill, and a saw (miter and jigsaw).To ensure that the box frame remains intact, you will also require some hinges to establish a better boundary.

3. Plan The Fence Gate

If there is already an existing fence, then you need to plan the fence gate according to it. The fence is greater in size, then it might require not one but two hang gates that meet in between. If the fence is smaller in size, then plan the fence gate accordingly. It is after the planning that you start building the fence gate.

4. Take Measurements of the Frame

The frame for the gate is an important aspect and should be measured before building the gate. A typical wooden gate frame is a box-shaped structure. It is usually smaller than the opening of the gate.

Most of the time, people use the same wood for the fence gate as they have used for the fence. You can choose it according to your needs and the look you want to achieve.

5. Build the Fence Gate

The majority of the questions about how to build a fence gate will be answered here. Start by cutting the wood according to the frame and the measurements you have decided. Begin by cutting the top and bottom pieces. After this, start putting in the screws and fasten them. Make sure that you drill the wood in advance so that the wood doesn’t split later.

After completing the design of the frame, start assembling the flat planks on the front of the gate to give it a proper look.

6. Mount the Fence Gate

After you have designed the basic wooden gate, you can give it a little touch of design. If you think it is required, you can get as creative as you want and create designs using a jigsaw. Once you are satisfied with the build of the fence gate, it is time to mount it.

To mount the fence gate, it should be properly kept at the desired position and then clamped. You can use paint stirrers to make sure that the gate stays in place.

7. Fence Slats

Fence Slats

After ensuring that the gate is properly placed at its desired location, you should focus on adding all the other hardware to the wooden fence gate. You can begin by adding the fence slats. It is a very fun activity to do and can perfectly make up for your weekend DIY project.

You can also use a string to help you establish the point where you want to keep the top part of your fence slats. Cut the slats individually to ensure a better output. You can follow the top or the terrain according to your needs. The deck screws are great to install the slats. With this, you will almost achieve the final results.

8. Time to Add Hinges

This is the right time to add hinges to your fence gate. You can find hinges at any hardware store of home depot. Start by marking the positions where you want to put the hinges. After you have successfully marked the positions, pre-drill the wood.

Now you can add the hinges and screw them properly into the gate. After this, you should fix the hinges with the post as well. You can use a socket wrench to attach the hinges.

9. Add the Latch

After you have hung the fence, you can install a latch on your fence gate. This step is also dependent on the type of latch system you are planning to use. The best of all is the gravity-latch system. It is easy to use and is widely popular. You should also make sure that you check the fit of the gate properly before adding the latch, as this is the finishing step.

10. Sealing the Wood

The wooden gates can sometimes absorb water and become prone to rotting. It is therefore very necessary that you seal the wood completely and evenly. You can use a sealer to take care of all the exposed parts of the wood. Make sure that you spread the sealer evenly and to every part.

The bottom of the planks deserves extra attention as they are more prone to discoloration. With this, you are finally ready to use your beautifully crafted fence door.

Wooden Fence Gate Summing It Up

Fence gates can add so much to the exterior and the security of a property. You can build a fence gate at the convenience of your home using a few simple steps. This can form part of a fun DIY project for you and can give you a sense of extra privacy. We hope that now you can understand how to build a fence gate. Keep the trespassers away and your property safe!

Bonus video: How to Build A Gate For A Wooden Fence

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