How Long Does It Take to Defrost a Mini Fridge?

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Do you have an upcoming trip, but your mini-fridge is full of frost? If you let the frost be, you’ll come back to a stinking fridge and a room full of water. Are you wondering how long does it take to defrost a mini-fridge?

Having a mini-fridge eases up your life to a great extent. If you stay in a dorm or work for long hours in your office, it is an ideal appliance.

A mini-fridge is affordable, compact, and doesn’t use much power.

When it comes to defrosting, it may take from 6 to 10 hours. Read on to know why it is essential to defrost your fridge and how to go about its process.


Mini fridge full of bottles in a hotel roomWhen Do You Need to Defrost a Mini-Fridge?

With the latest technological inventions, many of the refrigerators do not require defrosting. They come with frost-free technology. However, most of the fridges do not have this feature. In such a case, you must ideally defrost your fridge every three months. Why is that?

As time passes, your mini-fridge tends to accumulate layers of frosts on all sides. The stored ice occupies a significant amount of space, leaving the already small fridge with no place to store items.

That is not all. The thick layers of frost also prevent your fridge from functioning well.

Every fridge has ventilators to allow air to flow in and out. If the icing gets too much, these vents get blocked.

When the frost gets as thick as ¼ or ½ inch, you must know it is time for you to defrost the fridge. If not cleaned in time, the blockage may reduce the speed of your fridge and increase its power consumption.


How Long Does It Take to Defrost a Mini-Fridge?

The time taken for defrosting depends on the frost formation in your fridge. The thicker the frost, the more the time taken.

Ideally, it should take at least 5-6 hours for your mini-fridge to defrost completely.

However, you are recommended to leave your fridge to defrost overnight. It will eliminate the chances of any frost to remain in the fridge.

You must plan ahead of time when it comes to defrosting. Last-minute plans will not only fail but will leave you with a puddled room, filled with an unpleasant smell. Especially if you plan to leave your room, defrost your mini-fridge at least 24-48 hours before leaving.


How to Defrost a Mini-Fridge?

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Step 1: Empty your mini-fridge

Remove all the items from your fridge. Store your food in a cooler or a tub with ice. The defrosting process may take 1 to 2 days, during which time you need to store your food in a cool place.

Step 2: Unplug the mini-fridge

Step 3: Place towels in front of and under the fridge

Once the defrosting process starts, the ice will melt, leaving your room full of water. For saving yourself from cleaning the pool of water, it is better to place old towels around the fridge. They will soak up the water that is bound to leak.

Note: Make sure to place the fridge in an area where the floor is not damageable.

Step 4: Leave the door open

Leaving your fridge door open will speed up the process of defrosting. You may do so for the entire night or more if required. Moreover, an open door will also ensure that the unpleasant odor of the fridge fades away.

Step 5: Clean the fridge with soap water

When all the frost melts away, it will leave your fridge with moisture and stuck food particles. Thoroughly clean the fridge to get rid of any germs and bacteria.

Firstly, wipe the entire fridge with dry cloth. Next, damp a cloth with soapy water and clean your fridge properly. This will not only remove dirt and bacteria but also help reduce the unpleasant odor.

Let the fridge completely dry up for 1-2 hours. Plug it in.

The Aftermath of Defrosting

After you turn on the fridge, keep it empty for a few hours so that it regains the cooling. Do not forget to keep the door closed during this period.

Once its temperature falls back, you can stack it up with all of your favorite food items. Make sure to adjust the temperature level of the fridge according to the weather outside.


Defrosting a Mini-Fridge—The Shortcut

To fasten up the defrosting process of your mini-fridge, you may remove the frost yourself. If you choose this option, you can pry off the ice with a scraper. It would take up to 15-20 minutes, after which you must clean your fridge with soapy water.

Though this process is quicker and may take less than an hour, it can be highly risky for your fridge. You may unknowingly poke your fridge with a pointed object, causing it to stop functioning.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Defrosting a Mini-Fridge

Whether you have a mini-fridge or a large one, you must keep the following in mind while defrosting.


  • Turn off the refrigerator to save electricity
  • Leave the door of your fridge open while it is defrosting
  • Place a bowl of hot water in the fridge to speed up the defrosting process
  • Keep a box of baking soda to let it absorb any unpleasant odor from the fridge
  • Clean your fridge with a soapy cloth once its defrosted
  • Leave the fridge door open for an hour after the defrosting process is complete


  • Do not use a sharp object like a knife, screwdriver, etc. to remove the frost
  • It is not recommended to use a hairdryer to melt the frost
  • Do not plug in until it is dry


Final Words

Though it is not a tedious task, defrosting a mini-fridge is certainly time-taking. Despite the fact, it must be done every three months to ensure the smooth functioning of your fridge. Moreover, it will also help you to maintain hygiene.

So, how long does it take to defrost a mini-fridge? That depends on your choice of defrosting. However, regularly defrosting the fridge is essential. It will not only be less challenging but will also reduce the time taken to defrost a mini-fridge!


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