8 Benefits of LED Lighting

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Nowadays, when we make changes to our homes or workplaces, we don’t just think about how it’ll look, or how efficient it will be. We also consider how environmentally friendly the changes will be, and whether they will make our homes or workspaces more sustainable. This means that more sustainable products are available and that they are advancing and becoming more affordable all of the time.

Benefits Of LED Lighting

Lighting uses power. So, while we want our lights to look great, and to be bright enough to keep rooms light, we also want them to be energy efficient. That’s just one of the reasons why LED lighting is becoming such a popular choice.

What is LED Lighting?

LED lighting for many is the next step from energy-saving light bulbs, which were the first step in finding more energy-efficient ways to light our homes and workplaces. Old-fashioned iridescent light bulbs pass electricity through a wire filament. LED lights pass an electrical current through a semi-conductor, which then emits light energy.

Can I Install LED Lights Myself?

It depends on what you want. If you are switching to LED lightbulbs at home, you should be able to install them yourself. However, if you are planning to make bigger changes to lighting your home or installing new fixtures or larger lighting solutions in an office, warehouse, or commercial unit then look for a reputable company to help with your LED Lighting Upgrade.

LED Lighting Lasts for a Long Time

Old-fashioned lightbulbs last for between 1,000 and 2,000 hours. Energy-efficient lightbulbs typically last for up to 15,000 hours. An LED lightbulb can last for up to 50,000 hours. This means that in a normal house, LED lights can last for up to 10 years before they need replacing. Of course, this is different for different kinds of lights and different settings, but LED will always last for longer than other options.

Improved Energy Efficiency

LED lights need a lot less power than more traditional options. That, coupled with how infrequently they need to be replaced means that they are far more efficient and much better for the planet.

Just think about the following scenario. You replace all lighting inside a school, office, or business with quality LEDs. This automatically improves the facility’s energy efficiency by up to 70%. You can even end up with an improvement of 90% in some situations, based on what lights are replaced and the type of LED lights used.

As you can surely imagine, this energy efficiency improvement automatically leads to financial savings. Energy usage goes down with LED light sources. This is why people say LEDs are a very smart home improvement option but we cannot deny the financial benefits for the business.

LED Lights are Bright

When energy-efficient bulbs first hit the market, most of us were annoyed by how long they took to brighten and disappointed at the level of brightness they reached. LED bulbs are far brighter, and they are bright as soon as you turn them on.

There’s a Huge Range Available

There are so many different kinds of LED lights ranging from traditional bulbs to strip lighting and string lights. They can be big or small, they come in different colors and styles and whatever you choose, the other benefits remain.

Low Maintenance Lighting

Once LED lights are installed, they need very little, or no maintenance for a long time. This can save you time, and money while giving you the security of knowing that you’ve got reliable lighting, whatever else happens.

Making the switch to LED lighting is one of the easiest ways to save money and time and to become more energy efficient. If you haven’t already, what’s stopping you?

Higher Environmental Performance

Companies from all around the world need to invest in becoming eco-friendly. There is a growing number of customers who want better environmentally friendly options. With the use of environmentally friendly sources, companies reduce energy use and attract a consumer base that is socially conscious.

You should also be aware of the fact that LED lighting’s environmental benefits extend to how they are manufactured. With traditional lights, including mercury vapor lights and fluorescent lights, mercury is used as construction happens. This means that when the lifespan is over, special handling is necessary or the light can damage the environment. With LED lights, you do not have to worry about this.

Operating In Cold Environments

Cold weather is not good for traditional lights. AS the temperatures go down, regular lighting sources (especially fluorescent lamps) need higher voltage or they cannot start. Also, light intensity diminishes.

With LED lights, they actually perform a little bit better when the environment is cold. LED lights thus become great choices when you need lighting inside cold storage spaces, refrigerated display cases, meat lockers, and freezers. You can also get great use of these lights when operating in parking lots and other outdoor areas.

Low Voltage Operations

When your business or home is placed in a location where it is known that flooding happens, lighting the facility with devices requiring little voltage is a necessity. The LED lights are great for such a purpose as the very low voltage is needed for operation. Just think about the situation in which a flood needs to be cleaned up. If a person touches electrical components, the LED system with 12 volts stands out as being much safer. The regular alternative generating 120 volts is not a good idea.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, LED lights are highly beneficial and technically superior to the lights we have been using inside our homes for years now. You can easily understand this by taking a look at the benefits highlighted above. And you can also obtain many other benefits that few people know about. Just consider the LED options you can utilize in your projects and there is a very good possibility you will find something you could actually install. Remember that there are always LED lights that are completely compatible with the lighting infrastructure you already use in your business or home.

Thank you for reading!