15+ Easy Ways for Organizing your Closet on a Budget

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Do you want to organize your walk-in closet but have no idea how to do so? Does your interior designer advise you to invest in a new closet? But you want to invest in something else? Well, then don’t worry about it. This article will provide you with some one-stop solutions and tips for organizing your closet, that too, on a budget!

If you follow these steps, you will learn how do you organize a walk-in closet on a budget.

black backpack on white chair beside cabinetHow Do You Organize A Walk-In Closet on A Budget?

You can organize your walk-in closet by following a few quick steps.

1. Empty Your Walk-In Closet

The very first answer to the question of how do you organize a walk-in closet on a budget is to empty it. Take away those clothes which you brought last year and use them at all. Also, remove your bags, accessories, scarves, and every unnecessary thing.

Now dive in and deep clean your closet. It will take you some time, but it is worth it.

2. Declutter Your Clothes and Arrange Them by Categories

Now, put all your clothes in a pile and start by sorting them out. You can sort by category or in any way you feel comfortable. For instance, organize them as dresses, casuals, formals, woolens, undergarments, tops, shirts, or anything based on your wish.

Once this is done, start folding the clothes by categories and remove the ones you don’t need anymore. No need to throw them; rather, you can donate those who are in good condition.

3. Design Your Walk-In Closet Space

Boxes, containers, and shelves can help you in organizing your clothes. Start by designing your closet. If you have a budget, then good, you can rush to the nearby furniture store and buy a perfect closet. However, if you don’t, then it’s a chance to be creative!

Try to find hangers, shoe organizers, containers, racks, etc., whatever you can use for your storage.

You can also add a spark of creativity by making your DIY wallpapers using paints, markers, pens, or stencils. Having shelves can come to your advantage.

4. Categorize Your Clothes

Now, it’s time to put your clothes in categories. As mentioned above, you can categorize and hang or keep them in a particular place. For example, hand your clothes, put all the smaller ones like socks and handkerchiefs in a corner or belts in one single container so that it will be easy to find next time.

5. Hang Clothes Which Are Fancy, Sturdy, Or Delicate

You can hang all your clothes if you have space. However, it would be much better to hang fancy, delicate or sturdy clothes. Try to hang your clothes in one direction; this gives your closet an ordered look.

Hangers come in various sizes; these can be used to organize your clothes better. Always try to buy small hangers for handing items like scarves or socks.

6. Use Matching or Monochrome Hangers for Your Clothes

Using matching or monochrome hangers can be your life saver several times. These not only give your closet a uniform look but are also pretty cheap. One can find them easily at stores and at a low price.

They are small budget items, which can be used to create a big impact on your walk-in closet.

7. Arrange Things by Regrouping and Reorganizing

Even if your walk-in closet has several closets, racks, or shelves, it will do no good if you don’t use them properly. You have to arrange everything in perfect order. However, perfection does not come on a whim; you need to practice it.

Try to regroup or rearrange everything you have. Figure out something which goes along with your style. Most people arrange clothes as per their types, like, t-shirts with t-shirts, jeans with jeans.

You can go by category, the way you wear clothes, or according to seasons. One of the best ways to do this can be by keeping all monochrome items together. This will make your closet look organized, colorful, and will be particularly appealing to people who love colorful things.

This will assist you in finding things and help in weeding out things you no longer need.

8. The Shoe Rack

It would be much better if you keep your shoes organized. To do it, you can either buy a shoe rack or get one at the Goodwill. Vertical shoe racks are most preferred because they keep your things organized and in a single place.

You can keep your boots on the topmost floor of the rack, where they will both look good and be safe.

9. Beautiful Displays

When you are going to organize your storage area and that too on a budget, you need to keep your eyes out on everything which can be useful. You don’t need to go to a furniture store. You can always lookout for things that can be reused.

There are even many household items that can be reused to be something else. For example, you can use the utensil rail for hanging belts. This is one example, but use your creativity and make your closet beautiful.

5+ Easy Ways for Organizing your Closet on a Budget

10. Use Those Storage Boxes

Storage boxes, be it a shoebox or an inexpensive storage bin. Everything can be used for your benefit. Shoe boxes and shoe organizers are a great way to start. Shoe boxes are often discarded after use. They can be used to kept small things such as clips, clutches, or even medicines.

You can make the look even better by covering them in uniform and colorful patterns.

Shoe organizers are boxes you can buy from any supermarket or general store for a meager price. They can also be used to organize items such as socks, handkerchiefs, and many more items.

You can also buy big bins for a low price and then keep items such as pillows, blankets, extra clothes, etc., in them. They are perfect organizational materials.

Another good option is to buy baskets or bins from Goodwill. Here, you can also get items at a low rate. However, people have known to find good valued items at low-price from Goodwill. It is always good to try your luck at Goodwill before going somewhere else.

11. Undergarments and Drawer Dividers

Undergarments are small items that often get lost in a pile of clothes. You can organize them by using drawer dividers. You can just roll them and keep them in every drawer. It will be neat and affordable.

12. How ‘Bout That Empty Wall?

In a walk-in closet, you have to utilize every space inside your closet. Even the empty walls can be used for hanging items such as a purse, jewelry, and other accessories.

13. Leave Some Room

To ensure that your closet does not look cluttered, you should always keep some space open inside your closet. Along with this wall, you can keep a stand, which can be decorated.

14. Clubbed Drawers’/ Plastic Drawers for Custom Looks

Clubbed or plastic drawers can be brought from the market at meager rates. These drawers are handy and can add custom looks to your place.

15. Give Everything A Thought

Your closet belongs to you. It should look organized, beautiful, and fresh. However, always remember that your walk-in closet should not be like the one you just watched on a TV show. It should function for you and your needs.

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Endnote for closet organizing tips

Cluttering and Decluttering of your closet are part and parcel of the same process. If you want to design your closet on a budget, you can look at one of these tips.

These steps are quick, budget-friendly, and easy to follow. We hope these will complete your requirements and help you organize a walk-in closet on a budget.



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